Year: 2014

Interview with Rob and Victoria – An American Couple in Taipei

Hello there Reach To Teach readers! We are back with yet another teacher interview for you. This time we are featuring an interview with an American couple in Taipei. Rob and Victoria have kindly agreed to answer a few questions about their experiences in teaching English in Taiwan. Read on to discover their tips on the best places to go to in Taipei, best blogs to visit, and their views on teaching in Taiwan.

Blog Carnival: 5 Benefits Of Slow Travel

So what is slow travel? It can come in a number of different forms but generally it means not trying to cram in the whole Thailand experience in just 2 weeks or getting the full Bali experience in just a month. Slow travel means staying in one place as an expat for a while, some people do this through teaching, volunteering or other avenues like being a scuba instructor. I have been a slow traveler for a while now and below are my 5 benefits of this culturally rich lifestyle I have dedicated myself to.

Teaching Idioms

Teaching idioms might seem intimidating, especially if your students have never heard any of them before. Idioms are a common part of speech, though. Getting your students familiar with them early on can help them communicate more naturally and give them a deeper understanding of the English language.
It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to teach idioms. With these tips and resources, teaching idioms to your students will be a piece of cake.

A ‘How To’ Guide To Volunteering In Thailand

Leanne McNulty, our Volunteer Abroad expert, writes about volunteer opportunities in South East Asia. In this article, she writes about her experiences volunteering in Thailand.

A Beginner’s Guide To K-Pop

In case you missed the Korean wave, you missed the fun and upbeat obsession that is K-pop. Short for Korean pop music, K-pop isn’t just a hobby in Korea, it’s a full on religion complete with devoted followers and concerts to “worship” at around the calendar. If Psy’s pop hit “Gangnam Style” is the only thing that comes to mind when you think of Korean pop music, then you’ve clearly never had the chance to live in Korea before. Here for your convenience is a nice and tidy list detailing all the most important aspects surrounding the cult that is K-pop.

20 Reasons To Teach In South Korea In Your 20’s (Part 2)

If street food, a free apartment, free airfare, and all the compliments you can handle weren’t enough reasons to get you to pack your things and head over to the land of delicious kimchi, then here for your enjoyment are 10 more reasons to get your awesome 20 something year old self over to Korea!

10 Teaching Tips For New Teachers

Even the most experienced teachers once had that deer in the headlights moment the first time they were in front of a classroom. Looking back, we can all identify a list of mistakes we made and things we wish we had known before we ever set foot in a classroom. Here are 10 things I wish I’d known before starting ESL teaching.

Neighborhoods In Singapore

Singapore is an adult playground. The city is split into a number of different unique neighborhoods for you to enjoy. Since the cities two main hobbies are food and shopping, the following neighborhoods are my perfect suggestions for those looking for a foodie and shopper’s paradise.