Year: 2014

5 Korean Summer Fashion Trends

If any one word best describes the generation of modern Koreans, it’s trendsetters. Seriously, I’ve yet to see another country so amazingly on point with their fashion game. Each season, Korea brings fresh new trends and revamps old ones with an almost unbelievable amount of originality.

Korean Men And Make-Up

I believed a hyped lie before I moved to Asia, and that lie was that most men wear beauty products as casually as women do in South Korea. The strange thing is that all I felt was a sense of excitement. Call me crazy, but I don’t think that hiding a few blemishes with concealer or foundation makes a man any less of a….well, a man.

Korea’s Hottest Summer Trends

The three things you’ll quickly learn to be true while living in South Korea go as follows: kimchi is a cure all, your elders must be respected without question, and a beautiful face can get you through any tough situation. With these three nuggets of wisdom, I’d say having a beautiful face is the most important.

Resource List for the Future Perfect Tense

Once you go through these links, you will have mastered the Future Perfect tense. So kick your feet up and jump right in. Understanding and Teaching the Future Perfect A very simple chart to ease you into the Future Perfect structure. Here’s the breakdown on the Future Perfect with some pictures to boot. Charts for…
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The Call to Create

As I sat at the lakeside listening to the waves stirred up by the refreshing breeze, stoic, snow-capped mountain peaks standing guard at the water’s edge, poetry practically punched me square in the jaw. This moment of peace and beauty needed to be quantified somehow. Some words, some picture, some art, so that when I…
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Travel Inspiration Series: Zoe Tuckey

One of my favorite aspects of travel is the friendships I build with fascinating people from all over our sweet world. Zoe is one of those friends who inspire me as a writer, a traveler, and a lover of life. I had a chance to chat with Zoe about some of her experiences and I walked…
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Networking At EPIK Orientation

Fall EPIK orientation is just weeks away and now that you have your packing list and last minute tips from my previous articles, we can begin to focus on another good idea to keep in mind during your time at orientation: networking. I know on top of all the other things going through your mind the thought of networking might seem furthest from important, but it really does have its advantages.

Blog Carnival: Teaching And Technology

Technology is a funny thing, it has grown and grown at a phenomenal speed and we constantly live in a world of progression where technology makes everything easier. But is that the case for teaching?