Resource List for the Future Perfect Tense

Resource List for the Future Perfect Tense

Reach To Teach Grammar Tenses

Once you go through these links, you will have mastered the Future Perfect tense. So kick your feet up and jump right in.

Understanding and Teaching the Future Perfect

A very simple chart to ease you into the Future Perfect structure.

Here’s the breakdown on the Future Perfect with some pictures to boot.

Charts for each possible subject pairing of the Future Perfect.

An overview of the Future Perfect (plus links to all other tenses).

Practicing the Future Perfect

Printable color worksheets to hand out or hang around the room.

Perfect English Grammar’s online practice quiz.

Another online practice arena for the Future Perfect with automatic answers.

An online, jumbled sentence game to hone your mad skills.

An asteroids game that somehow relates to the verb tenses.

Games and Activities for the Classroom

Seven “perfect” activities to teach the Future Perfect.

Once again, Will Smith steps in to help us learn our verb tenses. That guy. What a legend.

A simple board game for Future Perfect practice and question generation. Penny for your thoughts?

Looking Into The Future” lesson plan for teaching the Future Perfect.

The Grammar Tenses

  1. Simple Present (main verb)
  2. Simple Past (past tense of main verb)
  3. Simple Future (will or shall + main verb)
  4. Present Perfect (have or has + past participle of verb)
  5. Past Perfect (had + past participle of verb)
  6. Future Perfect (will or shall + have + past participle of verb)
  7. Present Progressive (form of “be” verb + “ing” form of main verb)
  8. Past Progressive (past tense of form “be” verb + “ing” form of main verb)
  9. Future Progressive (will or shall + be + “ing” form of main verb)
  10. Present Perfect Progressive (have or has + been + “ing” form of main verb)
  11. Past Perfect Progressive (had + been + “ing” form of main verb)
  12. Future Perfect Progressive (will or shall + have + been + “ing” form of main verb)
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