5 Amazing Bookstores In Asia That Bookworms Will Love

5 Amazing Bookstores In Asia That Bookworms Will Love

5 Amazing Bookstores in Asia

5 Amazing Bookstores in Asia

If you’re anything like me, you spend half of your time on vacation with a margarita in one hand and a book in the other – the margarita, of course, is optional but the book is not. That is why knowing where the best bookstores in Asia will help!

It doesn’t really matter if you’re lying on the most beautiful beaches in the world, because you’re mentally off on Mars trying to find your way back home (The Martian, anyone?).

Well, aren’t you lucky that you’re reading this, my fellow lit-caterpillar (No, that doesn’t have as nice a ring as bookworm has, does it?)

Well, you can travel the world and still find solace in these pages filled with English! Whether cheap, swanky, or convenient, these are the bookstores in Asia you just have to visit:

1. 24-Hour Book Store In Taiwan5 Amazing Bookstores in Asia

Eslite changed Taiwan. It was the very first 24-hour bookstore in the country. Anyone who has a penchant for late night lattes and NYT Best Sellers will find this bookstore more than charming – it’ll be a godsend.

Caves Bookstore in Taipei is also a great option for teachers who are looking for additional teaching resources for their classroom.

2. Randy’s Book XChange in Vietnam

This is the perfect place for travelers who love to support local shops. Randy’s is locally owned and run by a retired expat. This shop is air-conditioned and open daily, and it has also kept up with the times; you can now download e-books through Randy’s Book XChange.

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3. Dasa Book Café in Bangkok

Are you all about the thrill of searching, seeking, and hunting out books in a vast vault of shelves? Then, look no further than this amazing bookshop/café in Bangkok.

Named one of Bangkok’s best bookstores, the place has been operated since 2004 – even local celebrities have come around to sing the praises of this smart shop.

The best part about this shop is that they have a selection of rare collectible books that are to die for – not literally, of course (this isn’t a Dan Brown novel). But, if you have the time to peruse and are lucky, you might find something worth keeping.

4. Suan Spirit in Bangkok

Located in one of the oldest streets in Phra Nakorn, Suan Spirit easily beats out bookshops in the areas. Although not a mecca for English books, the shop offers an authentic feel to those that are willing to make the trip out.

The quaint, if not rough, shop also offers a lunch menu and coffee. Locals make it a point on their daily tours to check out and scout out Thai literary treasures; beat ’em to the punch!

5. Pilgrims Book House in Nepal

With monthly events that include delicious food, renowned authors, and amazing literature, what reason would you have to not visit this amazing shop? Oh. Wait. Yeah, the answer is none.

This shop in Nepal is famous for its monthly events, stunning collection of books, and friendly staff. If there’s any
place to try and find a book to read or add to your unique collection, it’s here in Nepal at Pilgrims Books.

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Calling all Traveling Bookworms! What are your favorite bookstores around the world? Share your answer with other wanderlust stricken bookworms in a comment below!

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