7 Reasons To Travel As A Couple

7 Reasons To Travel As A Couple

There are few joys in life greater than getting a fresh stamp in your passport. What could possibly beat the rush of excitement you feel when you click the “purchase ticket” button for a plane ticket to somewhere new?

coupleClicking “purchase tickets” with your significant other is the answer. Traveling with your partner is more fun than…well, traveling with anyone else. Here are 7 reasons to travel as a couple which show that it is the best thing ever.

1. You learn new things about each other

It’s been said that every person is a universe. No matter how long you’ve been together or how many fun facts you can spew off the top of your head about your SO’s childhood, there are always opportunities to learn something new about your partner.

Traveling together is the easiest way to learn new things about your partner, especially if you’re traveling together for the first time.

2. You learn new things about the world together

The opportunity to take in new cultures, foods, languages, and experiences as a couple is one that should never passed up. Learning together as a couple is a fun way to bond.

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3. You learn new things about yourselves as a couple

Your bond grows tighter when you enjoy new experiences together. Maybe you might find that one of you is better at directions while the other is better at choosing restaurants and street foods that won’t put you two in the hospital.

4. They’re the only person who can stand your annoying travel habits

Maybe you’re afraid to stay in a hostel after watching that gory horror movie of the same name. Maybe you need to sit on a seat with an even number when flying because you think it’s good luck. Your SO will accept whatever strange or quirky travel habits you might have because they adore you so much.

5. You walk away with great new stories for cocktail parties

The next time you and your partner are at a dinner party and it’s your turn to tell a story, you’ll have loads to share about the time you and your SO went on a safari in Africa or ate pig’s blood cake in Taiwan.

6. They won’t judge your travel eating habits

For some people, the best part about traveling is the ability to try new and exotic foods without worrying about a growing waistline for a few days. After all, it’s all in the name of adventure. If your caloric intake triples when you go abroad, your SO won’t mind the urge you get to taste everything you see when you two are roaming a night market.

7. They’re the best people to be around when plans go wrong

Every traveler knows that not every single day during travels will go perfectly according to plan. That hot bar you read about might be closed for the weekend you’re visiting, or maybe your tour guide seems to be drunk as he slurs incorrect facts.

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Whatever the case, your SO is the perfect person to be with because they always seem to know how to make things better, turning missed flights or drunk guides into an opportunity for a memory.

If you’ve ever traveled with your SO, what reasons would you add to this list? Share your answer with other expats in a comment below!

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