Author: Jason Cruzan

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2014: Year of the Horse

For the people of China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, the biggest holiday of the year is Chinese New Year. Think Christmas, but with fireworks. Think Thanksgiving, but with more variety of food. Think the Fourth of July, but with bigger and louder fireworks! It’s a celebration to usher in the coming spring, and it’s all about family time and good food. It is definitely the biggest party of the year. This year, we are celebrating the Year of the Horse.

What the Duck is Up With Taiwan’s Yellow Duck?

Taiwan’s Yellow Duck (as it is called in Taiwan) is an 18 meter-tall (59 feet) replica of a classic rubber ducky that looks like the one you might have played with in the bathtub as a kid. It inflates and floats in the harbor of big cities and creates crowding and mass hysteria.