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Geoffrey DeSena, an American in Korea

Reach To Teach interview with our teacher in Korea, Geoffrey De Sena

Welcome to Our February 2015 EPIK Arrivals

Meeting the teachers before they head off to orientation for the February 2015 EPIK session is the final step before the adventure begins!

10 Places Not To Miss In China (Part 1)

During a year abroad teaching in China one has lots of opportunities to travel. Where to go? China is so vast, bursting with possibilities, it can be difficult to choose where to go. This article is here to help! Here are 10 places not to miss in China (part 1).

5 Misconceptions About China

China is a mysterious place to most people who have never lived there. Even if you have visited China before, there are some things you just can’t understand unless you have lived and worked in the Middle Kingdom. My friends and family back in America cannot conceive of what China is really like. Here’s a little ditty to help them (and you) get a better perspective, and put to rest these 5 misconceptions about China.

Interview With Kelly Chapeskie

Want to know about living and teaching (and eating) in Taiwan from someone who is currently doing just that? I thought you might. Here’s an interview with world traveler Kelly Chapeskie from Ontario, Canada. She moved to Taiwan through Reach To Teach in late 2013, and is currently living the dream in Kaohsiung. She’s funny, talented, beautiful, and an amazing teacher as well as a fantastic writer. And I’m not just saying that because we’re friends!

5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese (Part 2)

In the previous episode of 5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese (found here), we made it abundantly clear that learning at least a little Chinese can really help you in a variety of situations when you go to China (or Taiwan). If you move to China, you’ve no excuse!

5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese (Part 1)

An actual conversation that occurred shortly before I moved to China in 2010: My Friend: You’re moving to China? Me: That’s right. My Friend: You’re crazy. Completely¬†nuts. (making “cuckoo eyes” at me) Me: Why? Why is that so crazy? Lots of people do it. My Friend: Because they all speak Chinese there! You’ll probably die.…
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Food In Abu Dhabi: Five To Try

Food in Abu Dhabi: Five things not to be missed on your next trip to this amazing place. Is there good food in the desert? You bet!