Author: Joshua Gorenflo

Travel Inspiration Series: Emily Sharp

I recently caught up with a good friend of mine who currently calls Central America home. Emily is a different person than when I first met her nearly 10 years ago. Her friendship has shaped me and her journey continues to inspire me. JG: Emily, you and your husband are on quite an adventure. Tell…
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The Importance of Mastering American Slang

What’s up?! Well, a lot of things. Stars. Ceilings. Trees. But you know as well as I that I’m asking about your life. What is happening and how you are handling it? That’s the sly, simple, spacious impact of slang in our culture today. We hardly recognize when we slip into such commonly used colloquialisms.…
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Resource List for the Future Perfect Tense

Once you go through these links, you will have mastered the Future Perfect tense. So kick your feet up and jump right in. Understanding and Teaching the Future Perfect A very simple chart to ease you into the Future Perfect structure. Here’s the breakdown on the Future Perfect with some pictures to boot. Charts for…
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The Call to Create

As I sat at the lakeside listening to the waves stirred up by the refreshing breeze, stoic, snow-capped mountain peaks standing guard at the water’s edge, poetry practically punched me square in the jaw. This moment of peace and beauty needed to be quantified somehow. Some words, some picture, some art, so that when I…
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Travel Inspiration Series: Zoe Tuckey

One of my favorite aspects of travel is the friendships I build with fascinating people from all over our sweet world. Zoe is one of those friends who inspire me as a writer, a traveler, and a lover of life. I had a chance to chat with Zoe about some of her experiences and I walked…
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Unexpected Journeys of Travel

We stepped onto Australian soil an hour before the New Year’s fireworks. We had friends here. We had a place to stay. We had a timeline for our stay. We had absolutely no idea about anything else. Where would we work? What would this year as temporary residents involve? Who would we meet? How would…
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Resource List for Teaching the Past Progressive

Were you listening when you learned about the Past Progressive Tense? Yeah, me neither. That’s why I’ve got a whole heap of resources to help you teach the Past Progressive just as if you had been listening. C’mon, what are friends for? Understanding and Teaching the Past Progressive Grammar Monster does a great job of…
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The Secret Wealth of Travel

My wife and I were in the process of selling and storing the great majority of our accumulated possessions. At the same time, we were meticulously choosing the handful of items we would carry with us across the world. I discovered in the tensions of storing, simplifying, and selecting, that there is a sacredness to our possessions.