Author: Judith Villarreal

7 Fearless Female Travel Bloggers

Another marvelous day has come and gone in 2015. March 8th marked International Women’s Day, and its significance isn’t lost on us females who are exploring the world on solo journeys. In honor of the beautiful day and celebration, I’d like to present some of the top fearless female bloggers who are out making a name for themselves as solo travelers. These women to me represent courage, ambition, and fearlessness.

10 Tips For New Expats In Taiwan

After a while in your new country though, you start to realize little tips and tricks that make life easier. You know all the short cuts on the subway, and you can recognize a phony western food restaurant from a mile away. In Taiwan there are little truths to be had that all expats come across eventually.

Chinese New Year In Taiwan

My first Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) in Taiwan has been exciting and confusing to say the least. From being gifted new exotic fruits by my landlord to being handed red envelopes at every bank I pop into, there’s a whirlwind of new customs and traditions I’m being exposed to daily.

What Your Instagram Says About Your Travel Habits

While not every aspect of our lives on social media is true to a tee, I think there is something to be said for the type of content we actually upload. Much like the clothes we choose to put on our backs every morning, what we choose to put on Instagram sends to the world a message about us. What do your photos say about you and your travel habits?

5 Lessons Learnt from Teaching in Taiwan

After a year of learning a new set of work and office rules in South Korea, I was expecting to come across something similar in the schools of Taiwan. What I was met with, however, was completely on the opposite end of the spectrum.

20 Initial Thoughts Of A Foreigner In Taiwan

I’ve come a long way from those first few weeks, and looking back on the things I wrote down in my journals that confused me now make me laugh. A few of them are a bit embarrassing to share since it’s so obvious what a naïve traveler I can be at times, but this is all in good fun and you promise not to judge me right?

The Best Teaching Abroad Destination Is Taiwan

Looking to teach English abroad but don’t want to go with the mainstream locations? The best teaching abroad destination is Taiwan. Here’s why.

Guide to Taiwanese Street Food

Expats who have found themselves on the gorgeous island of Taiwan will find that there are endless ways to pass their time here, but none can compare to the excitement of trying out Taiwanese street food in Taiwan’s world famous night markets.