20 Initial Thoughts Of A Foreigner In Taiwan

20 Initial Thoughts Of A Foreigner In Taiwan

As life in Taiwan begins to lose a little of its newness for me, I’ve decided to revisit some of the initial thoughts I had when I first moved to this beautiful island.

Taipei TwilightLast year’s blog post A Foreigner’s Unfiltered Thoughts In South Korea was so much fun, I decided to do the same article for my first thoughts upon entering Taiwan. I’ve come a long way from those first few weeks, and looking back on the things I wrote down in my journals that confused me now make me laugh. A few of them are a bit embarrassing to share since it’s so obvious what a naïve traveler I can be at times, but this is all in good fun and you promise not to judge me right?

  1. “Oh, god. I forgot to spit out my gum before jumping on the subway. I think that little old grumpy lady has noticed. Should I try and swallow it?”
  1. * Sees stinky tofu stand *

“You know, I’m feeling pretty adventurous today. Maybe I’ll finally give stinky tofu a go.”

* Walks closer *

“After all, it’s not that smelly and besides I really should try new- * smells huge waft of stinky tofu *


  1. “I haven’t eaten in an hour. I should probably go get some street food so I don’t starve to death.”
  1. “How did I spend over 3,000 NTD at a night market where everything only cost 300 NTD?!”
  1. “God, I love the metro. It’s so cheap and convenient.”
  1. “God, I love cabs. They’re so cheap and convenient.”
  1. Taiwanese money looks like Monopoly money. Spending it doesn’t really count as spending real money. Right?”
  1. “How many days would it take me to go try all the flavors of bubble tea at Come Buy? Should I try a new flavor each time I buy a boba tea? Nah I’ll just stick to my favorite original like always.”
  1. “I’m not sure what the hell I’m eating, but it’s soooooo good…. please don’t let this be fried chicken anus.”
  1. “It’s Friday night. Ximen or ATT? Ximen or ATT? Ugh. I’m going to buy some cheap Taiwan beer and stay home to watch Netflix.”
  1. “Uh-oh. This menu has no English or pictures. Just point to whatever and hope for the best. Worse come to worst, McDonald’s is a block away.”
  1. “Is that dog wearing… a … diaper?”
  1. “Carrefour is great and all, but I miss Target and Whole Foods.”
  1. “How have I been here for 7 months and still not been to the 101 building!”
  1. “I’m too shy to haggle so I’ll gladly pay the overpriced tag.”
  1. “Why is everyone bundled up like they’re about to climb Mt. Everest? There’s barely a chill out today.”
  1. “I’m sorry. You said those yummy looking rice cakes are soaked in Pig’s Blood? Damn right I’m trying one!”
  1. * Sees stinky tofu stand. Holds breath. Power walks past stinky tofu stand to fresh air. *
  1. “I wore shorts this morning because it was so hot, but I need a winter coat tonight because it’s so cold. I don’t understand Taiwan’s weather. There’s no logic in this place.”
  1. “I love my life in Taiwan. Everyday is a new adventure, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!”
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What were the strangest or funniest thoughts you had when you went to a new country for the first time? Share your answer in a comment below!


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