The 7 Most Bizarre Beauty Trends From Around The World

The 7 Most Bizarre Beauty Trends From Around The World

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As a travel and fashion blogger, I make it my business to know what beauty and fashions trends are red hot in other countries. During my research, I came across fascinating and bizarre beauty trends that other countries have created.

Scared faceI failed to see the appeal in some of them, but others I’m dying to try. These are the top 7 strangest beauty trends I found around the world.

1. Bagel heads in Japan

Japan took a delicious breakfast bread and decided it was beautiful. So what did they do? They decided to create a body modification procedure that injects saline directly into the forehead.

Once a giant bubble of saline is formed, they use their fingers to create a bagel shape. How can I even begin to try to comprehend this trend? Bagels belong in tummies, not on foreheads – end of story.

2. Puffy eyes in Korea

Do you often suffer from puffy eyes in the morning after a night of Netflix binging and too much wine? You should move to Korea because your little overindulgence habits would make you an instant celebrity.

Practicing a beauty technique that puffs the lower eyelid to create aegyo sal (literally means cute skin). In Korea girls lust over this extra bit of puff under the eyes in order to achieve a more youthful appearance.

They’ve even invented a tape that goes under the eye to plump it up a bit. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think this trend offers a youthful look. I actually think puffy eyes scream “I’m hung over, so please don’t talk to me.”

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3. Dessert face masks in Taiwan

Go ahead and count me in for this beauty trend from Taiwan. The Taiwanese facemask beauty company My Beauty Diary sells the most tasty and delicious flavors of sheet masks that are created to revitalize, tone, and firm faces. They have a bizarre flavor of mask called Earl Great Tea and Macaroons.

Taiwan, you’re telling me I can brighten my face and then smell like sweets at the same time? Yes, yes, and yes. Where do I sign up for an unlimited supply?

4. Urine moisturizers in the United Kingdom

Go ahead and throw away your tea tree oils and spot corrector makeup because you don’t need them anymore. Stop wasting precious dollars on these silly items. You already have the only “treatment” you need to create perfect skin.

It’s just inside your body…well inside your toilet actually. Some dermatologists claim that urine is the perfect toner to prevent bumps, blemishes, and dull skin because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Just mix a little pee with your face moisturizer and you’re on the fast track to beautiful glowing skin! (Is it even necessary at this point to mention I’m definitely not on board with this trend?)

5. Extraocular Implants in the Netherlands

Also known as eyeball jewelry, this body modification began in the Netherlands. It’s achieved by surgically implanting a tiny piece of jewelry on the conjunctiva of the eye. Shapes like hearts, stars, and clovers will glisten from a person’s eye after they’ve had this procedure.

Yeah, I can’t even touch my eyeballs to put in contact lenses. There’s no way I’m getting eyeball jewelry surgery.

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6. Facekinis in China

These are literally just a piece of cloth with mouth and eye holes that women in China wear as they enjoy a day on the beach. This product comes in a variety of colors and ensures that anyone wearing a facekini won’t be subjected to sunlight.

While I’m not a fan of this, I did come up with a catch line for this product: This summer, stay white as porcelain while looking like Freddy Kruger in drag!

7. Ear pointing in America

No longer are gorgeous pointy ears just for Mr. Spock and Link. No, now we normal folk can also experience the joy of pointed ears with a little body mod surgery that was made famous in Phoenix, Arizona.

I’m actually fine with my silly rounded human ears, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow my suit. Try out this beauty if you’d like to look like a fairy or a Keebler elf. To each his own.

What do you think, fellow expats? Have you ever indulged in any of these beauty trends while abroad? Share your stories and opinions in a comment below.

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