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Why You Need to Start a Travel Blog (And a Few Tips How)

I may not have even thought about it before. It may be that you don’t count your experiences as note-worthy. Maybe you think there is little worth sharing concerning your days. But I’m fascinated by the stories people choose to tell with their lives. Those stories inspire me to choose better ones for myself. And it’s why you need to start a travel blog.

The Big But: Excuses for Not Traveling

Our buts are a masquerade for fear. They are an excuse to keep us from what we want and where we’re headed. No matter their legitimacy, the buts that stifle our dreams don’t have to get in the way.

25 Surprising Things I Didn’t Know Until I Got To Korea

I scoured blogs, watched k-dramas, and listened to an unhealthy amount of k-pop before moving to South Korea in an effort to prepare myself for all the cultural changes I was bound to experience. Although that research wasn’t wasted, there are certain things I wouldn’t have ever learned had I not moved across the globe to call the land of morning calm home for a year.

5 Awesome Cafe Themes In Korea

If there’s one thing that Korea obsesses over more than kimchi, it’s coffee. Seriously. Walk on any street in Korea and you’ll find a coffee shop on every corner. I once asked a Korean friend why there are so many coffee shops in Korea, and his answer left me speechless. “Coffee is cool. If you’re a guy or girl, you go to a coffee shop and drink coffee alone to look cool,” he nodded his head agreeing with himself. So, there it is. The answer to why coffee is such a hot commodity in Korea. Young Korean girls and guys are making coffee cool.

Blog Carnival: Don’t Get Burnt Out With Teaching

We all know what it can be like as teachers, you are as excited as a firework when you go away to another country and begin your journey as an overseas ESL teacher. In the beginning you are busy getting to know your students, getting to grips with the curriculum and school system and getting to know your work colleagues, so everything is new and amazing. Fast forward a year and you find that the ‘honeymoon period’ has set sail, the excitement of your new position has lost its charms and work has become a daily grind instead of a fun cool job.

Interview With Kelly Chapeskie

Want to know about living and teaching (and eating) in Taiwan from someone who is currently doing just that? I thought you might. Here’s an interview with world traveler Kelly Chapeskie from Ontario, Canada. She moved to Taiwan through Reach To Teach in late 2013, and is currently living the dream in Kaohsiung. She’s funny, talented, beautiful, and an amazing teacher as well as a fantastic writer. And I’m not just saying that because we’re friends!

8 Ways To Start Well At Your New School (Part Two)

Dear Future EPIK Teacher, I understand the nerves you must be feeling right now. Believe me, I do. To add a new country, language, and culture onto your list of changes to come soon, you also have to add a brand new work environment. Hopefully you read part one of the 8 Ways To Start Well At Your New School. Get your printer ready to print off my second half of awesome tips!

8 Ways To Start Well At Your New School (Part One)

Most EPIK applicants are gearing up for the big move that is just a short 4 months away. That time will fly by much faster than any will realize. After you’ve typed out and printed your packing list, be sure to print out these helpful tips to keep with the rest of your South Korea documents and lists. You’ll be thanking me once you’ve effortlessly survived your first day on the job.