Reach To Teach Newsletter – February 2013

Reach To Teach Newsletter – February 2013








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Hot Jobs


Teach at a Korean Public School through EPIK!


Are you looking for a meaningful way to take a gap year? Consider teaching in a public school in South Korea through the EPIK and SMOE programs. We are currently hiring for the Fall 2013 school position, with positions starting in August 2013! Read more about the EPIK program here…





    • An extremely competitive salary that will allow you to live comfortably and save money


    • Free round-trip airfare


    • Free accommodations


    • Medical Insurance


    • Working visa, work papers, insurance, etc.


    • There is no fee to participate!







    • A full college or university degree


    • Your must speak English fluently


    • American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and South African residents only


    • Complete a medical assessment form that attests to your good health


    • Complete an FBI background check


    • You must be under 55 years of age






Important TEFL Course Update:


EPIK has recently updated their TEFL requirements by requesting that teachers get a 20-hour classroom component in addition to a 100-hour or 120-hour course. Reach To Teach has partnered with I to I TEFL in order to provide you with the best possible price and course options for your needs.



In order to meet the Level 2 status for EPIK, you need to take a TEFL class if you don’t meet one of the following criteria:



    • BA in Education/English/English Education/English Literature or Linguistics (Majors in Writing will be considered as an English Major)


    • MA in any Major


    • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate of 120-hours or more with a 20-hour classroom based component


    • Teaching license in your home country


    • 1 year of full time teaching experience


The two courses that you should be looking at on our TEFL page are:



1. The 120-hour combined class if you don’t have a TEFL


2. The 20-hour classroom course for those of you who already have a 100+ hour course online.



You can learn more about these couses at:








Reach To Teach Featured Blogs – February 2013


Our Favorite Teacher Blogs This Month Are…



In Taiwan – Courtney Cruzan explores Northern Taiwan’s Yehliu Geopark.


In China – From My Tingzijian – Sleepless in Shanghai – An account of the Chinese New Year holiday in Shanghai.




In South KoreaTeaching English Gangnam Style – ‘Nuf said.


In Georgia The Georgian Chronicles – In Which Sanchez Shakes His Booty – Sanchez learns traditional Georgian dances.






If you’d like to see your site featured on our blog and monthly newsletter, please feel free to get in touch, whether it’s with photos or a specific story you’d like to share. We’re always looking to add to our ever-growing list of talented teacher writers. Send an email to and don’t forget to include your blog URL or a link to the post that you would like to share with our readers.











Get 10% Off Your Online TEFL Course




I to I is one of the best known online courses in the world. This course has proved to be perfect for the needs of most teachers moving to Asia. If Asia is where you are planning to teach, this is a great and affordable TEFL option for you.




Visit our website and sign up for I to I’s 120-hour online course to receive 10% off the total cost of your course. This discount is only available to our readers and by using the password/promotional code ‘reachtoteach’.







Traveling Vanilla Bean





Blog Spotlight 



An Interview with Heather Richards


This month we’re featuring an interview with Heather Richards, also known in the travel blogosphere as the Traveling Vanilla Bean. Heather is currently teaching at a local buxiban in Taipei City, Taiwan.


We’re excited to have her as guest interviewer today, not only because she’s a great teacher, but also because she’s a great travel writer with lots of good tips and practical advice for new teachers that are considering teaching abroad! So read on to find out who Heather got started on her path in Asia.







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