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My Experience In Georgia

We hear from Tashia Shupert who tells us all about her time volunteer teaching with TLG in Georgia. She is currently teaching in South Korea and would very much like to visit Georgia once more. Here you can read about her first few days in Georgia, some of the ups and downs of her time there and her thoughts on her whole experience.

Writer Liane Nichols Writes About Speaking the Language (or not)

Non-verbal communication is a pretty standard idea. We communicate so much more not by saying it, but by showing it. It makes sense that when you travel the world, you start to recognize the true beauty of the non-verbal.

Interview with Liane Nichols, an American Teacher Teaching English in Georgia

Liane Nichols taught with Georgia’s Teach and Learn with Georgia program (TLG) from July 2012 through to December 2012. Today, she shares her story on what it was like teaching English in Georgia, Eastern Europe.

Reach To Teach Teachers in Georgia: Teacher Testimonial

A review from our two of our teachers teaching with the TLG program in Georgia.

Travel Georgia: Skiing in Georgia, Eastern Europe

Off the beaten path-Georgia’s undiscovered ski resorts. Georgia, Eastern Europe is a new and exciting ski holiday destination where you won’t find anyone you know.