Reach To Teach Teachers in Georgia: Teacher Testimonial

Reach To Teach Teachers in Georgia: Teacher Testimonial

Zugdidi Georgia Flickr Photo by Philip Litevsky
Zugdidi Georgia Flickr Photo by Philip Litevsky

Zugdidi Georgia Flickr Photo by Philip Litevsky

We are living in Odishi (Samegrelo), near Zugdidi, and we have no Internet connection in our village, so we must travel to the city to send emails, etc.

Our host family is amazing. They had a volunteer last year so they know how it goes. They are very friendly, generous and our living conditions are fine.

We have loved learning the language and practicing on family and at eateries.

School is going well. My two co-teachers are pretty good. One speaks great English while the other teacher’s English abilities are okay. I have four days a week teaching and 3-4 classes a day so the work load is minimal. I have been running an after school English club which seems to be going well. This is extended to anyone who wants to come so I have some older kids coming to that. As you probably know TLG volunteers now only teach grades 1-6.

There has been many opportunities to travel and we have been hiking in the mountains for a week, on the Black Sea coast around Batumi and Sarpi, and up to Sihgnagi in wine making country. We were so fortunate to be in the training group we were in and we have made many great friends that we have been travelling with.

TLG arranged to take us all down to Batumi to see the opera which was held at a newly decorated theatre. The event was attended by the president. The president sat just behind us and we were on tv, much to the delight of our host family who saw the whole thing on the news. We were put up in a 5-star hotel, taken out for restaurant meals and travel was all sorted. We REALLY appreciated this as we aren’t paid much. It was nice to have this opportunity to sweeten the deal.

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Regarding photos and such, I’m sure you will understand that given the lack of Internet availability that this will be difficult for us. I hope this  email is of some use. Feel free to quote me or rewrite my thoughts. I don’t mind at all !

Cheers to Rick at Reach To Teach Recruiting and thanks again for all your help in getting us here. We are having a fantastic adventure!

Eric & Anna Murray
Disclaimer: This review was posted by a Reach To Teach staff member on behalf of Eric and Anna Murray, who have limited access to the Internet. We received their permission to post this review.

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