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Interview with Katy Lucid: an American Teacher in Taipei, Taiwan

Interview with Katie Lucid, an American Teacher in Taipei, Taiwan. She moved from New York to Taipei with a years stay in China. She teaches buxiban and has visited many places in Taiwan.

Interview with Sam Simile, an American Teacher in New Taipei City, Taiwan

You won’t want to miss this interview with Sam Simile, an American teacher in New Taipei City. Samantha is a Reach To Teach teacher from Pennsylvania who has been wowing her students in Xi’an, China and Tucheng, Taiwan with her circus skills. Samantha is accomplished at stilt-walking, fire-breathing, and she’s incredibly bendy (As you’ll see from her photos!).

Interview with Brooke O’Brien, an American Teacher in Taipei, Taiwan

Hailing from the Midwest, Brooke O’Brien decided to make the leap across the proverbial pond to begin her teaching adventures in Taipei in July 2012. Read on to read about her thoughts on teaching English in Taiwan, and what she likes best about her home on the beautiful Isla Formosa.

British Cartographer Tom Rook Draws One-of-a-Kind Map of Taipei City

British Cartographer Tom Rook’s hand-drawn map of Taipei is printed on high quality photo paper with a protective coating. It’s a one -of-a-kind souvenir for map lovers and lovers of Taiwan.

Interview with Heather Richards, An American Teacher in Taiwan

Today we’ve got an interview with Heather Richards, also known in the travel blogosphere as the Traveling Vanilla Bean. Heather is currently teaching at a local buxiban in Taipei City. Read on to find out how Heather got started on her path in Asia.

Reach To Teach Interviews Max Pizzini, an American Teacher in Taoyuan, Taiwan

American ESL teacher Max Pizzini arrived on the beautiful island of Formosa in June 2012. He teaches elementary aged students at a popular buxiban in Taoyuan in Northern Taiwan. Max writes about his adventures in Taiwan on his blog Max is in Taiwan.

Ten Online Resources for Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese is hard. While nothing substitutes learning in a formal class, these links will help you so that you can become conversant in Chinese.

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