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Teaching Abroad! What is Stopping You?

Teaching Abroad! You know you want to do it. You know it’s something that you’ll regret not doing for the rest of your life, and you know the longer you put it off, the less likely it becomes that you’ll actually make it happen.

Working for a Hess Franchise

Working for a Hess franchise has been an amazing experience, one that would have been quite different had I gone with a Hess head office position. My recruiter informed me that franchise positions are quite different to head office positions, and they couldn’t have been more correct.

Eating in Taiwan: A Year Without a Kitchen

Eating in Taiwan is fantastic, however, it’s pretty common in Asia to have a smaller apartment with no kitchen. I couldn’t fathom not having a kitchen when I moved halfway across the world—I cooked every day!

Why Teach Abroad

Why teach abroad you may ask? There are many reasons why you should teach abroad, you know it sounds like an awesome, life-changing adventure. But sometimes we get cold feet. Sometimes we spend a lot of time sitting on the fence weighing the pros and cons of something.

6 Things Holding Back Creativity in Class

Creativity in class is a tricky thing. You can’t simply tell your students to be more creative, or to come up with a new idea. The harder you push someone to be creative, the more likely they are to shut down and resort to familiar and safe thoughts.

Surviving Mandarin Part 2

Surviving mandarin can be an essential part of a foreigners experience, and it is something that is good to try to tackle a little earlier on in your time away. Last week we brought you part 1 of surviving mandarin, so this week we bring you even more help to get you started.

Learning a Language Improves Teaching

One of the big perks of living abroad is the chance to study and fully immerse yourself in a foreign language. And while you probably won’t directly use your new knowledge of your students’ language in ESL class, there are a lot of reasons why learning a language improves teaching, they are as follows

Convenience of Taiwan

The convenience of Taiwan is something that is commented on by many that travel and live here. The backbone to this is how well designed and efficient the transportation services are on this small island, something that really came in handy on a recent trip I took to Taichung.