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Traveling In A Developing Country

Our blogger Anna Jen is back once again with some more insight into her travel experiences. This time she talks to you wonderful readers about her time travelling in developing countries; the ups, the downs and the best ways to get involved.

Challenging Cultural Stereotypes With Poise And Finesse

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to deal with cultural stereotypes or discrimination you may encounter, whether from other travelers or locals alike, but I think there are better ways to go about engaging with these people and directing your interaction with them from potentially hostile to productive and interesting.

Practical Guidelines for International ESL Job-Hunters

A former New York City management consultant turned legal nomad, Elaina Giolando writes about the intersection of career, life, and travel for today’s twenty-somethings. Here, Elaina offers practical guidelines for international ESL jobhunters.

Traveling Beyond Tourism

You are walking down the bustling town center with your overflowing Osprey 75 Liter strapped to your back like a turtle shell, last night’s laundry drying from every available strap.  Tourist tassels at their finest.  But hey, who can fault you for being efficient?  No matter; right now, fashion is the obvious concern.  Your day…
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Teaching Abroad And Reaching Out

When we live in our hometown for too long we can reach a certain level of ‘stuckness’. We go to the same places, do the same things each weekend and don’t make much effort to meet new people because of our existing group of friends. We feel that we have enough friends, so why should…
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What to Focus on in ESL Reading Exercises

It seems obvious to most ESL teachers to approach language education by teaching the meanings of individual English words. After all, words make up the most basic unit of meaning. If letters are the atoms of communication, words are the countless combinations of them that make up so many new and differentiated molecular combinations.

Join the RTT Teach Abroad Blog Carnival

Reach To Teach has organized its very first blog carnival, which will feature our favorite travel and ESL bloggers from around the world. We’re still looking for participants, and anyone can join in the fun!

Writer Liane Nichols Writes About Speaking the Language (or not)

Non-verbal communication is a pretty standard idea. We communicate so much more not by saying it, but by showing it. It makes sense that when you travel the world, you start to recognize the true beauty of the non-verbal.