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Top 5 Reasons To Move To South Korea

Apart from the beautiful Korean culture, amazing food, and kind people, the collective majority of expats stick around teaching in Korea longer than a year because the cost of living is incredibly low. Saving money while living in Korea is easy and doesn’t really require much effort.

The 8 Travel Blogs That Will Make Your Travel Bug Itch (Part 2)

If part one of the “8 travel blogs sure to make your travel bug itch” didn’t satiate your virtual wanderlust, hopefully this week’s part two will! The amazing bloggers that have made today’s list are experts in the art of backpacking, traveling on a budget, and scouting out the best hidden restaurants and pubs in any country. These addictive websites are the perfect place to spend a few hours learning how to pack a neat and tidy backpack, which pub has the best and cheapest beer in London, and which luxurious hotel in Paris is the perfect choice for you.

Gift Giving in Korea: 5 Gifts to Give Your Korean Co-Workers

One of the interesting, and slightly stressful, customs I’ve learned to accept and embrace while teaching in Korea is gift giving in the office. The most important time for gift giving in Korea is when a new employee receives their first paycheck.

10 Things To Expect At An EPIK Orientation (Part 2)

We are joined once more by our South Korea expert Judith Villarreal who give us the second part of her two-part series about what to expect at an EPIK orientation.

South Korean Cultural Rules: 5 Important Don’ts

Cultural rules can always be learned the hard way during travels, but the transition to a new country is made seamless when research is done and the traveler already knows the dos and don’ts of the culture. In this 2-part piece, the top 5 dos and top 5 don’ts of South Korea cultural rules will be shared for all novice wanderers to take note.

A Single’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day in South Korea

We all know Valentine’s Day to be a beautiful day drenched in roses, wine, chocolates, and fairy tale-like romance…unless you’re single. Singletons around the globe dread the creeping date of February 14th no matter in which country they reside. For those currently unattached and living in Korea, the sobering awareness of a single’s relationship status in February tends to be amplified more so than in any western countries because of Korea’s “couple culture”.

5 Amazing Valentine’s Date Ideas for Couples in South Korea

Foreign men in South Korea, rejoice because this article is for your benefit. If you’re a newbie to the land of the morning calm, then there are a few things you should learn about Valentine’s Day in South Korea. Women, you might not find the holiday of love as appealing in South Korea as you do in your western countries. The reason being, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for MEN. You read that correctly.

10 Productive Things To Do During Desk Warming Season: Part 2

Now that desk warming season is in full swing, I hope you were able to keep busy last week with the 5 productive activities to do at school during your free time. This week I have 5 more activities to share with you to prevent your brain from turning to mush during this long and lonely time at school.