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5 Obvious Differences Between Korea and Taiwan

If you’ve an avid reader of the wonderful Reach To Teach community blog, then you already know that I’ve given up kimchi and replaced it for stinky tofu. Although I’m not sure where I got the idea, I had idiotically assumed that the move from Korea to Taiwan would be a breeze. After all, they’re both Asian countries with Eastern cultures right, so how different could they be? I’m so embarrassed to even share that dumb thought with you, but it’s true.

Blog Carnival: Tips For Meeting New People Abroad

Welcome back to the Reach To Teach Blog Carnival, this is a platform where you can find a number of different bloggers views, tips and handy suggestions about one particular topic. Below you will find the links to our wonderfully informative Reach To Teach bloggers who diligently take part in the monthly carnival. This month we are exploring what top tips our bloggers have for you readers about meeting new people abroad.

Taiwan Breakfast Guide

If you know me then you will know that food is a big deal to me, hailing from a family of chefs I have always been raised around different kinds of foods and I am a far cry from a fussy eater. Breakfast is also a big deal to me, it’s the fuel that starts this engine in the morning and I don’t take that lightly. When I came to teach English in Taiwan I was excited to see what people ate for breakfast here. Living in a western breakfast bubble of toast, cereal and the full English breakfast I was ready to have my bubble popped and eyes opened to the delectable delights that the mysterious Taiwan had to offer.

Blog Carnival: Travel Companions

This carnival post will not focus on the people I met along the way, as much as the past few paragraphs may have you think. Instead I shall be focusing on the person that was there with me for the most part of my travels. She has been my best friend for a very long time and it has been a roller-coaster of a time travelling with her, she is my very good friend, Hannah.

Taiwan Teacher Interview With Andie Ayala

Thinking about teaching in Taiwan? Find out what it’s like first hand here in our interview with Andie Ayala, one of our Reach To Teach alumni teachers here in Taipei.

Taiwan Teacher Interview With Sarah Vied

Today’s interview is with Reach To Teach alumni Sarah Vied, who has been Teaching with us in Taipei, Taiwan.
Hi Sarah! Let’s start off by having you introduce yourself.
Hey! My name is Sarah, I’m 26, and I’m a proud southerner from the USA—originally from a small town called Princeton in western Kentucky. This is only my second year teaching and living abroad, but my first year in Taiwan and in Taipei.

Interview With Kelly Chapeskie

Want to know about living and teaching (and eating) in Taiwan from someone who is currently doing just that? I thought you might. Here’s an interview with world traveler Kelly Chapeskie from Ontario, Canada. She moved to Taiwan through Reach To Teach in late 2013, and is currently living the dream in Kaohsiung. She’s funny, talented, beautiful, and an amazing teacher as well as a fantastic writer. And I’m not just saying that because we’re friends!

The 8 Travel Blogs That Will Make Your Travel Bug Itch (Part 2)

If part one of the “8 travel blogs sure to make your travel bug itch” didn’t satiate your virtual wanderlust, hopefully this week’s part two will! The amazing bloggers that have made today’s list are experts in the art of backpacking, traveling on a budget, and scouting out the best hidden restaurants and pubs in any country. These addictive websites are the perfect place to spend a few hours learning how to pack a neat and tidy backpack, which pub has the best and cheapest beer in London, and which luxurious hotel in Paris is the perfect choice for you.