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Cultural Differences that Affect the Classroom in Taiwan

As teachers, all of us bring something of ourselves to the classroom, which comes from our socio-economic, cultural, education, and familial backgrounds. These experiences that we bring can create amazingly positive effects in the classroom and can, at times, create tension as well. In this article, I will detail a couple of the cultural differences between Western teaching styles and styles I have seen in Taiwan.

Guide to Jiufen

Jiufen is probably my most favorite travel location in Taiwan. The location inspired the setting to one of my favorite movies, ‘Spirited Away’. If you were like me, you thought this location must be some exotic Chinese or Japanese location– absolutely not! Taiwan has some of the best-hidden gems for travel!

Learn Chinese From Your Student’s Mistakes

Learning any language is hard! Transitions and translations between two languages can be particularly rocky– especially with Chinese and English. I’ve heard a couple of mistakes repeated by my students that have given me clues about what the translation sounds like in Chinese.

5 Taiwanese Meal Alternatives for Missing the Holidays

Oh, dear. It’s that time of year in Taiwan again. The weather is starting to chill just a bit, and you’re starting to see boys and girls pairing off into couples (not as religiously as it happens in Korea, but it still happens).

Taiwan’s Green Spaces

What I will say is that the type of green space you see, at least in Taiwan, differs from that of other countries, mainly based on its geography. Surrounded by mountains and the sea, Taiwan is able to retain so much of the islands natural beauty.

Interview with Ryan Hevern, an American Teacher in Taipei

We caught up with Ryan, one of our latest writing interns, to talk to him about his move from the depths of the jungle in Borneo to the more concrete jungle of Taipei, Taiwan. Read his interview below to find out more about his experiences.

American Teacher in Taipei: Interview With Michaela Gray

Our latest teacher to agree to interview with us is Michaela Gray, a teacher who made the brave leap from her farm in Iowa to the bustling city of Taipei. Read on to discover her tips and advice about moving abroad and some of the great things that she has experienced so far.

Meet Vadim Rubin, An American Teacher in Taipei, Taiwan

Introducing Vadim Rubin, an amazing guy who flew back to Taiwan in September 2015 after being here previously for studies. Read on to find out about his active lifestyle on this beautiful island, how he has adjusted to teaching, and how much he enjoys his lifestyle here.