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Event Recap: Shrimping Event

Last Saturday we hosted our third shrimping event in Taiwan. Shrimp fishing is a very Taiwanese thing to do, so we thought we would treat all of our teachers to a taste of the traditional here in Taiwan.

10 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Taiwan

Are there any things in life more comforting than curling up at home with a book while soft rain pitter-patters outside your window? The answer, dear friends, is hell yes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a day snuggled up at home because the rain has barred me indoors, but Taiwan’s rainy season has the tendency to turn many (myself included) into hermits who rarely leave the house.

Blog Carnival: Home Comforts

Living in Taiwan for three years has been such an amazing and enriching experience. I have been asked to write about how it has changed my home comforts, but what Taiwan has done is actually provided me with new home comforts I never had before.

Taiwan Spring Time Bucket List

Now that spring is in full swing in Taiwan, it’s time to unpack sundresses and sandals. Andy Williams may have sung that winter was the most wonderful time of the year, but that man didn’t live in Taiwan.

A Guide to Taipei’s Neighborhoods

Whether you are apartment hunting or just looking for a cool place to hang out, this brief guide to Taipei’s neighborhoods gives you the important details about each different part of Taipei and the surrounding area.

 What Is A Buxiban?

If you’ve been thinking of teaching English in Taiwan or China, you’ve no doubt come across the term Buxiban. These schools are a huge part of English learning culture in Taiwan and China, and they also employ a huge number of English teachers. So, what is a Buxiban?

The Art Of Slow Living In Taiwan

Transitioning to the slow rhythmic flow of Taiwan’s lifestyle was confusing after living for a year in the balli balli (hurry, hurry) mindset of Korea. A place where people eat a breakfast of street food while speed walking to their morning jobs, push through crowds to get to their destination first, and have no concept of queuing because it’s considered too slow.

Sara Keyes, An American Teacher In Taipei, Taiwan

Today’s interview is with Sara Keyes, an American teacher in Taipei, Taiwan. Sara shares her story about teaching in Taiwan and traveling to nearby destinations.