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10 Tips For New Expats In Taiwan

After a while in your new country though, you start to realize little tips and tricks that make life easier. You know all the short cuts on the subway, and you can recognize a phony western food restaurant from a mile away. In Taiwan there are little truths to be had that all expats come across eventually.

Chinese New Year In Taiwan

My first Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) in Taiwan has been exciting and confusing to say the least. From being gifted new exotic fruits by my landlord to being handed red envelopes at every bank I pop into, there’s a whirlwind of new customs and traditions I’m being exposed to daily.

5 Lessons Learnt from Teaching in Taiwan

After a year of learning a new set of work and office rules in South Korea, I was expecting to come across something similar in the schools of Taiwan. What I was met with, however, was completely on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Amy Harper, A British Teacher In Taoyuan

Our latest teacher to agree to interview with us is Amy Harper. She left her life behind in the UK to pursue a teaching position in South Korea. Not satisfied with just one location in Asia she set her goals to make the move to teaching in Taiwan where she currently teaches young learners.

20 Initial Thoughts Of A Foreigner In Taiwan

I’ve come a long way from those first few weeks, and looking back on the things I wrote down in my journals that confused me now make me laugh. A few of them are a bit embarrassing to share since it’s so obvious what a naïve traveler I can be at times, but this is all in good fun and you promise not to judge me right?

Adventure Sports in Taiwan – Get Involved!

Taiwan is a place full of adventure and things to do. Being an island, you have a unique opportunity to experience adventure sports in Taiwan. Here are just some you can try.

Guide to Taiwanese Street Food

Expats who have found themselves on the gorgeous island of Taiwan will find that there are endless ways to pass their time here, but none can compare to the excitement of trying out Taiwanese street food in Taiwan’s world famous night markets.

Interview With Brett Cleveland: An American Teacher In Taipei

This week we interviewed our teacher Brett Cleveland, a teacher fresh into the ESL profession who tells us about his experiences teaching ESL in Taiwan.