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Taiwan Firsts – What To Expect When You Visit Taiwan for the First Time

Moving from a Western country to an Asian one can bring with it real culture shock. Here a few regularities that those of us living in Asia may have already gotten used to.

Island of Taiwan: Taitung Part 2

The island of Taiwan series continues with the second part of the Tatung trip below. Check out the rest of my “island of Taiwan” series on the Reach to Teach blog to find out more about this beautiful island.

Navigating Taiwan’s Night Market Culture

Taiwan’s night markets can feel like a completely different world. Nowhere else in Taiwan is culture shock more likely to rear its head, and it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed by these bustling streets. But once you learn a few things about what to expect and how to navigate the night market culture, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the zany, chaotic charm of Taiwan’s night markets, and realize why they’re such an essential piece of the country’s night life.

What the Duck is Up With Taiwan’s Yellow Duck?

Taiwan’s Yellow Duck (as it is called in Taiwan) is an 18 meter-tall (59 feet) replica of a classic rubber ducky that looks like the one you might have played with in the bathtub as a kid. It inflates and floats in the harbor of big cities and creates crowding and mass hysteria.

Top National Dishes by Country

What better way to honor my love than to explore some of the world’s top national dishes by country? I’ve tried a number of these; others are on my list.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Asia

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is celebrated throughout the world, but has its traditions rooted in both China and Taiwan.