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Interview With Sara Nighbor: An American Teacher In China

Meet Sarah Nighbor, a fun and enthusiastic teacher hailing from Wisconsin and teaching in the beautiful location of Kunming, China. She made the move from law to teaching and she has never looked back, read her story to find out about her adventures in China and her insights into the interesting differences she has noticed whilst teaching.

Interview with Liane Nichols, an American Teacher Teaching English in Georgia

Liane Nichols taught with Georgia’s Teach and Learn with Georgia program (TLG) from July 2012 through to December 2012. Today, she shares her story on what it was like teaching English in Georgia, Eastern Europe.

Interview With Tiffany Molyneux: Teaching with EPIK in South Korea

Meet our next Reach To Teach teacher who is kind enough to share her teaching and travel experiences. We interviewed Tiffany who flew to South Korea all the way from Florida, USA to start teaching with EPIK in South Korea. Formerly a kindergarten teacher in the states we hear how she feels about teaching in South Korea, and what experiences and advice she took from it.

Interview with Dan and Casey: American Teachers Teaching in Taiwan

Meet Dan and Casey, two high school sweethearts who got hitched and decided on a blissful married life of travel and teaching. These two little lovebirds hail from North Carolina and really have the travel bug! Read on to hear how much they love teaching in Taiwan.

Interview With Zach And Shay: Teaching English in Taipei

This month we talk to a young couple about their time teaching English in Taipei. Zach and Shay are high school sweethearts who made the move to Taiwan from Chicago. Read on to hear about their unique and interesting insights into Taiwanese culture and their observations on life in Taiwan.

Interview with Britney Pace: An American Teacher in Georgia

Today we hear from one of our teachers in Georgia. Britney is a Reach To Teach teacher who hails from Florida and teaches her young classes in Georgia. Read on to hear about her teaching experiences and how heart warming she has found her time there.

Interview with Katy Lucid: an American Teacher in Taipei, Taiwan

Interview with Katie Lucid, an American Teacher in Taipei, Taiwan. She moved from New York to Taipei with a years stay in China. She teaches buxiban and has visited many places in Taiwan.

Interview with Sam Simile, an American Teacher in New Taipei City, Taiwan

You won’t want to miss this interview with Sam Simile, an American teacher in New Taipei City. Samantha is a Reach To Teach teacher from Pennsylvania who has been wowing her students in Xi’an, China and Tucheng, Taiwan with her circus skills. Samantha is accomplished at stilt-walking, fire-breathing, and she’s incredibly bendy (As you’ll see from her photos!).