Year: 2011

Celebrating Christmas in Georgia

[clear] Spending the holiday season in another country is the perfect way to really get to know that country’s culture and people. In the Republic of Georgia, Christmas celebrations contain plenty of familiar elements, as well as a number of traditions that are uniquely Georgian. The vast majority of the population in Georgia is Orthodox…
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Celebrate Christmas in South Korea In Style

Celebrating Christmas abroad can be a challenge for new teachers and long-term expats. That’s why Reach To Teach’s Korea HR team has you covered for the holiday season. Here are some ideas on how to spend Christmas in South Korea. For teachers living in the Seoul area, check out: 1. Hollywood Grill Cost: 25,000Won per…
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Event Recap: RTT Taiwan Christmas Event at Playing Lounge Bar

For our Christmas event, we headed to Playing Lounge Bar in Taipei for an evening unlike any other Reach to Teach event this year. Despite its small size, Playing was a perfect spot for us. There were over 30 of us cozying and mingling on the comfy couches and chairs. Each table had its own…
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Christmas in the ESL Classroom

With the holiday season fast approaching, you could probably use some tips on what to teach in your ESL classroom over the coming week. In Taiwan, we are usually expected to work on Christmas Day, so finding ways to make lessons related to Christmas will help you keep the holiday spirit you were used to…
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RTT Interviews Raymond Revnyak, a Reach To Teach Teacher in South Korea

An interview with a Reach to Teach teacher in South Korea. Raymond Revnyak joined the EPIK program in August 2011.

Celebrate an Arabian Christmas with Reach to Teach at Playing Lounge Bar

Playing Lounge Bar is known as the best place in Taiwan for shishas, hookahs, belly dance, cocktails, and fine food. Who needs Christmas movies, candy canes, and holiday caroling? I’d rather be with you all, cozying up at this chic bar over food, cocktails, and a belly dancing show! I can’t think of a better…
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Event Recap: RTT Taiwan October BBQ Event

Located among a myriad of Japanese restaurants, Hinomai Yakiniku was an awesome choice for our October Reach to Teach event! Unlike many restaurants, you have to take your shoes off before sitting down at your table. Our table was designed in traditional Japanese fashion on a raised platform with low ceilings; we had to crouch…
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Travel Georgia and Learn about Georgia’s Wine Culture

The Republic of Georgia has a tradition of wine making that dates back nearly 8,000 years. Here’s another excuse to travel Georgia through Reach To Teach Recruiting.