Year: 2012

How To Prepare for Volunteer Teaching in Chile

A volunteer English teacher with the English Opens Doors program in Chile writes about her experiences at the EOD Orientation and offers three tips on how to prepare for volunteer teaching in Chile.

10 Tips For Teaching Large Classes

Teaching large classes can be daunting if you’ve never stood in front of that many students before.  Ideally, ESL class sizes are fairly small.  Discipline is easier, and you can devote more resources and time to giving each student the attention that they need.  Things don’t always work out like that, though.  In many schools,…
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5 Reasons To Teach in Bangkok, Thailand

Following on the heels of her last article entitled 5 Things You Shouldn’t Expect While Teaching in Thailand, guest writer Andrea Emerson now writes about her top five reasons for teaching in Bangkok.

RTT April 2012 Taiwan Event – A Day of Biking in Taipei

Canadian expat Alex Frustaglio leads RTT Taiwan teachers on a day of biking in Taipei for her first event as Taiwan Social Event Coordinator.

RTT May Event: Lotus Lantern Festival and Itaewon Pubs in Seoul

Reach To Teach will be hosting a meet-up at the Annual Lotus Lantern Festival. This will be a great chance to meet fellow teachers and experience a very special cultural event! The Lotus Lantern Festival is a annual modern-day  tradition that offers visitors the chance to experience Buddhist culture. The main event of the festival is…
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RTT April Event: A Bike Ride down the Xindian River

Put your biking gear on and get ready for a beautiful and relaxing ride down the Xindian River. Don’t have a bike? No problem! We’ll meet at Gongguan MRT Station, where there is a rental bike facility close by. Then we’ll hop on the trail and bike all the way to Xindian, about a 2-hour…
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Bangkok Motorbike Adventures

Guest writer Andrea Emerson writes about her motorbike adventures with motosai drivers in Bangkok, Thailand.

ESL Teaching Tips: Teaching With Limited Resources

When you volunteer to teach abroad, you are likely to find yourself having to do without many familiar teaching materials.  Art supplies, markers, textbooks, a photocopier, games and computers could all be in short supply for you and your students.  But don’t be discouraged—this is the perfect chance to let your creativity and resourcefulness shine…
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