5 Amazing Valentine’s Date Ideas for Couples in South Korea

5 Amazing Valentine’s Date Ideas for Couples in South Korea

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Foreign men in South Korea, rejoice because this article is for your benefit. If you’re a newbie to the land of the morning calm, then there are a few things you should learn about Valentine’s Day in South Korea. Women, you might not find the holiday of love as appealing in South Korea as you do in your western countries. The reason being, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for MEN. You read that correctly.

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V-Day is a day when women spoil their significant other with chocolates, gifts, and romantic dates. I know, I know, it’s a difficult reality for women in Korea to make the mental switch of receiving lavish presents and dates to giving them. However, us women get our special day to be spoiled rotten one month later. March 14th is White Day in Korea, the day our male counterparts show us they care. With that in mind, ladies, let’s stay open minded and try to celebrate V-Day as the Koreans do this year. I mean, when in Rome Korea, right? Below you’ll find my Valentine Date Ideas for making that cute guy swoon on his special day in Korea. (Men, this is the part where you close the tab so you don’t spoil any surprises.)

 1. Skip The Cliché Dinner Plans And Get His Heart Racing With An Active Date

Candles? Boring. Chocolate? Overdone. Rose petals? Overpriced and hardly worth the effort. Skip all the traditional methods of V-Day romance and treat your valentine to a day he’s sure to remember. Nothing will say “You rock my world, Valentine!” better than a fun day of rock climbing at an indoor rock gym. Forgive the cheesy pun, but it’s a Valentine’s post! If I can’t be cheesy in this article, when can I? Daejeon Climbing Gym has an amazing indoor rock gym by the world cup stadium in Noeun-dong Yuseong-gu Daejeon. For 10,000W per person, you and your beau can have a wonderful date on the rocks.

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2. Movie And A Picnic

Take the traditional dinner and a movie date to the next level for Valentine’s Day with a picnic in a DVD room. DVD rooms are a popular place for couples to frequent in Korea. Think of them as personal home theaters that you can rent in which to watch movies. Plush couches, surround sound systems, and an array of Korean and Western movies are what you’ll find in these neat little rooms. Depending on the establishment you choose, these rooms can be rented for 20,000W to 40,000W. Take a surprise picnic and wine along in a backpack, and you’ve got yourself a unique and sweet date night. Just don’t forget to let him pick the movie, and be happy with his choice…even if you have to fake it. If he chooses to watch Die Hard for the millionth time, simply smile and pour yourself a nice tall glass of wine. After all, February 14th is his special day.

3. Buy Tickets To A Chocolate Making Class

Buying your love-bug a box of chocolates is sweet, but why not make the event more special by making Valentine’s Day chocolates together? Yeoksam Global Village Center in Gangnam is hosting a chocolate making class. Tickets to this 2 hour intimate event are only 15,000W per person. You’ll enjoy creating sweets like candied lemon chocolate, chocolate covered rose petals, and lavender chocolate in the company of your SO. You can find more information on this event here.

 4. Give Him A Reminder Of Back Home And Treat Him To His Favorite Western Food

If you and your boyfriend live in Seoul, chances are you two never have a shortage of western restaurants to choose from when you start feeling those homesick pangs. For those outside of Seoul, western restaurants tend to be a rarity. For those that fall under the latter category, why don’t you treat your boyfriend to a day trip to Seoul? Stroll the streets of Itaewon and indulge in the delicious western restaurants. If you really want to plan a sweet day, check out Chip’sMaps and read restaurant reviews to map out a foodie crawl for the two of you. Maybe split a burger and a couple beers at Chili King, share sizzling fajitas at On The Border, and enjoy free finger foods with your craft cocktails at La Taverna. Your stomachs and hearts will be full at the end of your personal foodie crawl.

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5. Treat Him To A Delicious Western Home Cooked Meal

For women who really want to impress, head over to High Street Market in Itaewon and pick up those elusive western ingredients for a good old fashioned home cooked meal. High Street Market is one of the few places in Korea where you can pick up good cheese, wine, deli meats, and seasonings. The fact that you’ll have to cook/improvise using your tiny 2 burner stove and toaster oven will only make your efforts more obvious and thoughtful. Besides, the quickest way to a man’s heart is…..ah you know the saying.

I hope you and your SO have a lovely V-Day in South Korea this year. If you decide to use any of my ideas, let me know how the date turned out! Or if you know of any other unique Valentine’s Date Ideas, share them in a comment below.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about my dear singletons. If you do happen to find yourself in Korea and without a significant other this year, don’t fret. Check back here for my second Valentine’s Day installment. Much like my blog article, 3 Crucial Rules To Help You Survive Pepero Day In Korea, it will be chocked full of tips and tricks to avoiding those over the top in love couples. Trust me, singles in Korea, you’ll need this advice.     

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