5 Activities in Taiwan for Adrenaline Junkies

5 Activities in Taiwan for Adrenaline Junkies

This is the perfect list for explorers who prefer a little danger and excitement during their travels in Taiwan. Forget the colorful temples, delicious street food, and historical museums, and head out into the countryside to experience some extreme thrills.

volaaaa!!!(Well, maybe don’t forget the temples and museums because they’re actually a lot of fun, but definitely keep this list of activities in mind after you’re full of scallion pancakes and have finished all the touristy stuff.)

I know what you’re after when you travel – adventure. This adrenaline-inducing article of 5 out-of-the-ordinary activities in Taiwan is sure to get you wiggling in your seat. Grab your helmets, pay the insurance fees, and go get crazy in Taiwan!

1. Join The Bungee Club in Taoyuan County

Believe it or not, there’s actually a club you can join to make bungee jumping a typical weekend activity. The Taiwan Bungee Club whisks you away into the mountains of Taoyuan and secures you with bungee cords to the Da Ha Bridge.

After giving all of your ropes and harnesses a good tugging and triple checking, you’re free to toss yourself over the bridge and bounce around a bit.

I’m sure you’re just itching to head out there now, but it gets even better than that – it only costs about 2,000NTD for your first jump and only 1,000NTD after that first plunge. Sounds like a deal to me, right?

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(Prices are for reference only. Check website for change in costs.)

2. Conquer the water and raft in Hualien

For those who were born with a set of gills, white water rafting in Hualien is right up your alley. This is usually reserved as a day trip, so be prepared to spend the entire day (or even more as there’s tons to do in Hualien).

With over 22kms of rapids, this trip has it all: scenery, thrills, and challenges.

3. Ride the waves on Fulong Beach

This gorgeous beach has a lot more to offer than awesome Instagram photo ops. It has adorable little hotels and bungalows by the beach. Fulong also has a great range of activity rentals like 4-wheelers and (duh) surfboards.

Most hardcore surfers in the area agree that this beach is perfect for beginner surfers. Because this beach is pretty far from Taipei, it’s better for a whole day trip or even a weekend trip.

4. Paraglide in Wanli

This area is a hotspot for paragliders because of its luscious green scenery, friendly training base, and easy transportation access. The Wanli Paragliding Base offers the supervision of licensed coaches for beginners at only 1,200NTD.

After you’ve got your adrenaline fix, head over to the surrounding attractions like Yehliu Geopark or Green Bay.

(Prices are for reference only. Check website for change in costs.)

5. Climb an ocean cliff in Long Dong

Perhaps the coolest activity on today’s menu is rock climbing over Taiwan’s Northeast coast. With high-quality sandstone creating several dozen cliffs along the beautiful blue ocean, Long Dong is the ideal spot to spend a weekend full of adventurous fun.

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Calling all adrenaline junkies! What’s the craziest thing you’ve done during your travels? Click To Tweet Share your experience with other travelers in a comment below!

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