Event Recap: RTT July Event at On Tap

I would like to thank everyone who came out to our July event at On Tap. This was my first as the new RTT event coordinator, so I really appreciate the turnout!

Georgia’s Incredible Cave Cities and Cave Monasteries

With today’s modern lifestyle it’s easy to forget that in the past, there were much simpler lifestyles. A visit to any of the many cave cities in Georgia provides a sharp reminder of a not so distant past.

RTT May event: Thai Beer house and KTV.

A massive thank you to everyone who came out to join us on Saturday night for our May event at the Thai beer house, followed by KTV. It was lovely to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones. From what I can remember it was a great night, thankfully I have some…
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Teach in Ultra-Modern Shanghai, China

Teach in Shanghai, a world-renowned Asian metropolis. Whether you want experience culture or make some money, Reach To Teach has the perfect position for you!

Teaching in China: A Teacher’s Perspective

Many Westerners come to Asia to teach English in a foreign land. Here’s my story about why I made the decision to move abroad and how I did it.

Reach to Teach May Event: Thai Beer House and KTV

All you can eat, all you can drink and all you can sing! We’re partying Taiwanese style! Come join us on Saturday 7th May for some Taiwanese inspired fun. Food and drink at the Beer house followed by KTV. So arrive on an empty stomach ready to be filled with food and beer, warm up…
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Taking The Next Step – A Teacher in South Korea Shares her Experiences of Moving Abroad

Guest Article by Uzma Ali, a Reach To Teach teacher in South Korea When I made the decision to leave my comfortable, unfulfilling life to start teaching English in Korea, I was excited at the prospect of having an adventure half way across the world. However, when the moment came to say goodbye to ‘home’…
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RTT April Event Taiwan: We’re Going Kayaking!

We’re going kayaking! Now I know how much you all love every waking minute of your teaching jobs: those classes you just can’t get through without caffeine, the naughty kids, the piles of homework, the feeling that you might not actually be a teacher at all but a performing monkey/children’s TV presenter. (Ok, maybe the…
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