Language Learning apps

Language Learning apps

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Language learning can be quite tricky, but luckily we live in the age of technology and there are lots of helpful apps out there for the language learner. Tech can be really handy and is usually very accessible. 

iPhoneWhen first moving to a new country it can be useful to know a couple key phrases or words in the new language. You might consider food items, how to order the food, directions, or how to get to a bathroom when you need one.

But how do you begin? Lucky for us, there are many different apps on phones these days that are brilliant assistants to learning a new language!

1. Italki

This APP is a pay as you go tutoring program for intense practice in a target language. You can choose a teacher, dates, and times that will work for you. The teachers range in experience, dates, times, and prices. You can indicate your level as well to pick up a more intermediate class.

2. Memrise

This APP has many different language learning modules—some for strictly grammar, words, verbs, menu items, or useful phrases. You can pick many different modules in many different languages.

The APP is centered around memorization, so it plays kind of like a game. It will teach you the new language, (plant the seeds), then it reminds you to water the seeds each day—to review you will play a timed game and choose the correct word.

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It tests through listening and writing, however. There are other apps that will challenge you to speak and write.

3. HelloTalk

This app is more like a social network for learning a new language. Sign up, create a profile, indicate the language you know and the language you want to know, and meet friends for an instant messaging language exchange!

This is a great way to learn authentic pronunciation, colloquialisms, and how to teach those learners of ESL. Plus, it is always nice to meet people and see pictures from many different places!

4. DuoLingo

DuoLingo is especially set up for learning new phrases—the different modules are set up as topics in the target language. Learn the beginning modules, (simple but important conversational items), and move on to more advanced words and phrases.

This app is very useful for memorizing phrases but doesn’t delve deep into grammatical aspects of the target language.

5. HelloChinese

You can find this app for other languages, but HelloChinese is especially great for learning the Chinese language. Again, it uses topics as modules for learning but it also tests your speech, writing, memorization, and grammar.

During each module, you will learn new words, how to put them together in a sentence, and how to write the characters. You can also review each module as you go along, skip modules you might not need right away; trek along as slow or as quickly as you need!

Learning a new language can always be daunting, but these apps are great for practicing on commutes or in spare free time. They are fun, set up as social networks or games, and easy to access. Do a little every day and you will be amazed how much you can learn!

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