Resources for Teaching the Present Progressive

Resources for Teaching the Present Progressive

Reach To Teach Grammar Tenses

I am writing for you a list of the Present Progressive which uses a form of the “be” verb + the “ing” form of the main verb. But we’ll get to that more up ahead.

Understanding and Teaching the Present Progressive

A wonderful tool for getting a grip on the Present Progressive.’s excellent resource for the Present Progressive, with extra links to resources.

Present Progressive Part One and Part Two, courtesy of Holmwood’s Online Learning.

I’m a fan of Perfect English Grammar’s simple explanation and practical usage of the Present Progressive.

Practicing the Present Progressive

Listen to “Sailing” by Rod Stewart and learn the Present Progressive while warming up for Friday night karaoke.

A few interactive exercises to help wrap your mind around the tense.

Learn English with Mr. Bean. At least, a cartoon version of him.

The Silly Billy Band asks “What is he/she doing?” in this fun song of the Present Progressive.

The Present Progressive with pictures, in case you are a visual learner. And some online exercises to practice.

Games and Activities for the Classroom

Seven great ideas for classroom activities which bring the Present Progressive to life.

Activities for your students broken down into grade level and times thanks to

Fifteen fun games for practicing the Present Progressive. And you thought learning had to be all notes and tests?

An online Flash rally car game for your students to drive their way to grammatical success.

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The Grammar Tenses

  1. Simple Present (main verb)
  2. Simple Past (past tense of main verb)
  3. Simple Future (will or shall + main verb)
  4. Present Perfect (have or has + past participle of verb)
  5. Past Perfect (had + past participle of verb)
  6. Future Perfect (will or shall + have + past participle of verb)
  7. Present Progressive (form of “be” verb + “ing” form of main verb)
  8. Past Progressive (past tense of form “be” verb + “ing” form of main verb)
  9. Future Progressive (will or shall + be + “ing” form of main verb)
  10. Present Perfect Progressive (have or has + been + “ing” form of main verb)
  11. Past Perfect Progressive (had + been + “ing” form of main verb)
  12. Future Perfect Progressive (will or shall + have + been + “ing” form of main verb)

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