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Meet Vadim Rubin, An American Teacher in Taipei, Taiwan

Introducing Vadim Rubin, an amazing guy who flew back to Taiwan in September 2015 after being here previously for studies. Read on to find out about his active lifestyle on this beautiful island, how he has adjusted to teaching, and how much he enjoys his lifestyle here.

Why Shanghai Should be First on your ESL List

I recommend Shanghai for other ESL teachers seeking adventure in a location that has a major city feel. And I want to thank Reach To Teach for being a huge part of this journey in getting me here. Here are just some reasons why I recommend ESL teachers to choose Shanghai as a teaching location in China.

Being Home After Travel is Hard

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve been back in America after my adventures in Asia. It was an exciting move back, an endless week or two of welcome home parties and storytelling. Now that the dust has settled, life has become, more or less, a routine. Work, exercise, dinners, drinks.

A Tour of the DMZ

It was not the actual border, but it drew the southern boundary of the most ironically named place on the globe, the “De-Militarized Zone” or DMZ that separates North and South Korea.

10 Signs You’re Meant To Be A Travel Writer

Does the idea of traveling the world to collect stories appeal to you? Have you ever browsed Travel + Leisure for hours on end? Maybe you’ve planned out hundreds of trips just for fun?

5 Tips For Halloween Abroad

October is here! So, bring on the pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and Halloween candy. If Halloween happens to fall on your list of favorite holidays ever, then you might be a little disappointed to learn that not every country is as zombie and ghoul crazed as America.

Ko-Yon Jeon: A Party in Seoul

Each year young Korean athletes, clad in their crimson or blue, face off in a series of competitions to prove their dominance over their rival. Korea University and Yonsei University are two of the oldest institutions in South Korea, founded in 1905 and 1885, respectively.

My Thailand Tale Part 2

Last week we brought you part 1 of this scholarly tale letting you know a few pointers to look out for when travelling. Here is part 2 that will present to you the aftermath of mistakes made in Part 1.