Being Home After Travel is Hard

Being Home After Travel is Hard

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve been back in America after my adventures in Asia. It was an exciting move back, an endless week or two of welcome home parties and storytelling.

Repatriated BodiesNow that the dust has settled, life has become, more or less, a routine. Work, exercise, dinners, drinks.

Don’t get me wrong; I love life back home. I really do, but there’s just one little aspect of travel life that I miss more than anything: adventure.

I miss the daily adventures that I had while I lived abroad. At times, even going to the grocery store was adventurous. Being surrounded by a different language, new people, and new customs was exhilarating.

Now that I’m back home, a trip to the grocery store is anything but exciting. I’m always able to communicate with the staff, strangers don’t stop me for a chat, and there are no exotic foods to take a gamble on and purchase.

It’s been a struggle getting my adventure fix while living back home Click To Tweet but I’m slowly learning little tips and tricks that are helping me feel a little more inspired and energized. If you’re a repatriating traveller, then these tips might help you as well.

Relearn your city

Without a doubt, your hometown has changed since you left. Take the opportunity to discover new venues, restaurants, and bars. Enjoy visiting your favorite places, but don’t forget to check out new ones as often as you can. Be a tourist in your own city and head to places you’ve never been.

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Take mini-adventures often

Whether you search out a new hiking route, take a day trip to a nearby city, or planning out a weekend getaway, take as many micro-adventures as often as possible.

Don’t let the fact that you’re back home dampen your wanderlust. There are things to see, do, and eat everywhere in the world. Yes, even in your country. With the right attitude and a little planning, home country traveling is just as exciting.

Turn to the Internet to reminisce on your travels

When I start missing Korea, I will Yelp Korean restaurants and karaoke rooms nearby. I’ve driven as far as 2 hours one evening just to get my BBQ, soju, and kimchi fix on.

Granted, the outrageous prices deter me from doing this on a weekly basis (How is soju $15.00 in America and less than $1.00 in Korea?!). When you start craving foods or atmospheres, turn to your best friend, the Internet, to find out where you can get your dose of nostalgia.

Don’t stop learning

The best hobby I acquired while traveling was learning. It sounds strange but stay with me. Did you know that 42% of college graduates never read another book from cover to cover? Whilst in Korea, I learned how to be curious (yes, it’s a trait you can learn), and I’ve never stopped.

Whether you read, research, learn new hobbies, pick up a new language, or acquire new skills, don’t let the fact that you’re back home stop you from learning new things on a daily basis.

Calling all travellers who are currently rooted at home! How have you survived the adventure withdrawals while being back home? Share your answer with other expats in a comment below.

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