Why Shanghai Should be First on your ESL List

Why Shanghai Should be First on your ESL List

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I’ve been in Shanghai for almost a year and have never regretted this decision. When I embarked on this journey, I was faced with multiple options and things to consider: salary, country, job stability, lifestyle, and more.

SkylineI recommend Shanghai for other ESL teachers seeking adventure in a location that has a major city feel.  And I want to thank Reach To Teach for being a huge part of this journey in getting me here.

Here are just some reasons why I recommend ESL teachers to choose Shanghai as a teaching location in China.

Plenty of teaching jobs

literally tons. There are huge companies like EF, Wall Street English as well as plenty of independent international schools. You can teach K-12, university, or even focus in a niche area such as business language.

Using recruiting services like Reach to Teach really helps get you in front of the best positions available.

Saving Money

You will make enough money to save and take care of any back home obligations. Click To TweetFor me, I chose China for a few reasons but a major pillar was my ability to have a similar quality of living that I’m used to and can I still pay my student loans (Hi Sallie Mae!)

I’m able to live in a pretty nice apartment with one roommate, pay for college tuition, have a social life, travel 2-3 times a year, and send money home to save.

City Size

Its the biggest city proper in the world (literally), this place is massive. There are just over 24 million people living here and about 250,000 are expats.

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The people you meet will all be from different walks of life, but the majority of expats that you meet will be one of 4 people: University Students, English Teachers, Engineers, or Travelers.

Access to nearby cities and countries

Traveling is a way of life out here as most expats, if not all, are here with some sort of wanderlust. There are hundreds of cities within China and plenty of nearby countries to visit.

South Korea is a 90-minute plane ride and Japan is just a little longer. If you want a warmer climate, head down to Thailand or Malaysia as it is just a hop, skip, and jump away.

Learn a new Language

You will be able to talk about the challenges of learning Mandarin or Cantonese. I always wanted to become fluent in a second language but never was that motivated. In China, it can be a matter of survival to speak Mandarin. The more you study and practice, the easier it gets to participate in local life.

I hope these words will help in your decision to teach in Shanghai or Mainland China. I plan to stay here for awhile so I’ll be here for any help. 

10888603_10203195828117675_5627395347632550697_nDeshawn is an ESL teacher in Shanghai. Before moving abroad he spent time tutoring Vietnamese learners in Chicago. In his spare time, he’s taking university Mandarin courses at a local university and traveling throughout the Mainland. Follow his adventures on his Instagram: @deshawnpeterson, twitter: @deshawnwashere, site: deshawnpeterson.com

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