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7 Travel Hacks Every Guy Should Know

After scouring famous travel blogs, harassing world travelers, and searching through my own inventory of memories, I now have a condensed list of the more essential travel hacks that every traveling dude should know. Keep these in mind before hopping on the next plane.

Hiking the Walls in Seoul

Commissioned in 1395, the wall is rumored to have seen its first iteration complete in only three months, employing nearly 200,000 people to construct 97 600-foot sections. Additional defense of the city would be provided by Bukhansan Fortress to the north and Namhansanseong Fortress to the south.

10 Travel Hacks for Female Travelers

The easiest way to make a new friend on the road is to share a travel hack. Offered tips, tricks, and tidbits of advice are the quickest way to a traveling girl’s heart because it proves that you’re a like-minded woman with wanderlust.

What you Should Consider for Teaching in a Hagwon

South Korea is a fantastic place to start for new English teachers because the country is very welcoming to foreigners, its location in Asia makes it a great launching pad for additional travel, and the pay and benefits are quite generous. That said, many of us first-time teachers will end up at one of the ubiquitous private academies called “hagwons”. While these offer great opportunities, there are a few things you may want to consider before consigning yourself to a year in one of these schools.

Teaching Abroad Improves your Travel Experience

It had been about 10 months since I’d arrived in Daegu, South Korea and I hadn’t left the country since. It’s funny how over time you can change without even knowing it. I went to Japan expecting to have a pretty great vacation (because come on, it’s Japan), but I wasn’t really planning on coming back with a whole list of new lessons learned.

5 Activities in Taiwan for Adrenaline Junkies

I know what you’re after when you travel – adventure. This adrenaline-inducing article of 5 out-of-the-ordinary activities in Taiwan is sure to get you wiggling in your seat. Grab your helmets, pay the insurance fees, and go get crazy in Taiwan!

5 Terrifying Monsters And Myths From Asia

Monster and horror lovers, rejoice. This article is dedicated to all of the gory goodness that comes with a creepy urban legend, and each one of these monsters and myths come from straight out of Asia.

Gaining Feedback from Korean Adult Students

The best kind of teachers are the ones that can recognize their mistakes and grow from them. After all, teaching is a huge learning curve, even the most experienced teacher can be presented with a new situation in which to grow from. Getting feedback from students is the best way to see where you are going wrong, but gaining that feedback isn’t always easy especially in a country like South Korea where challenging authority is often culturally inappropriate.