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Top Five Reasons to Teach English in China

China is a wonderful place rich in culture, history and new experiences to keep any ESL teacher satisfied for years. Here are our top 5 reasons why we think you should teach English in China.

Interview with Madison MacNichol: A Reach To Teach Teacher In China

Meet our latest Reach To Teach Teacher Madison MacNichol who has taken the time to answer a few of our burning questions. Read on to catch up with her about her time in China so far.

Interview With Maggie Attoe: An American Teacher in China

Introducing our latest interview from our Reach To Teach teacher Maggie Attoe. Maggie hails all the way from Wisconsin and is currently teaching English to young learners in China. Read on to hear more about her adventures in China, and what she feels are some of the positive and negative aspects of living there.

Interview With Sara Nighbor: An American Teacher In China

Meet Sarah Nighbor, a fun and enthusiastic teacher hailing from Wisconsin and teaching in the beautiful location of Kunming, China. She made the move from law to teaching and she has never looked back, read her story to find out about her adventures in China and her insights into the interesting differences she has noticed whilst teaching.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Teach English Abroad

The top 10 reasons why people teach English abroad. Have you taught abroad? What are your reasons for doing so?

Teaching Young Learners in China with Maggie Attoe (Photo Essay)

An American teacher in China, Maggie Attoe has been living and working in China through Reach To Teach since October 2012. Her decision to teach in China was a no brainer and she took the chance to work at a great school (with very cute kids!).

Paying Your Student Loans from Abroad

Applicants often ask me about dealing with student loan debt while teaching in China. With a little bit of planning and effort, there is no reason why student loans should get in the way of teaching overseas. Paying your debts while in your home country is undoubtedly much easier and takes fewer steps-most student loan…
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Beyond China’s Great Firewall – How to Get Uncensored Internet Access in China

One of the most common questions we get about teaching in China is “What about Facebook?” Most people know China restricts internet usage, but do you know how to get around it?