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First Week in China

My first week in China has been an interesting one, I decided to share with you, wonderful audience members, my experiences so far to try to prepare you a little for the rollercoaster that can be the first week.

Surviving Mandarin Part 2

Surviving mandarin can be an essential part of a foreigners experience, and it is something that is good to try to tackle a little earlier on in your time away. Last week we brought you part 1 of surviving mandarin, so this week we bring you even more help to get you started.

Surviving Mandarin

Surviving mandarin in places like Taiwan and China can be a real challenge for a foreigner so learning the basics is key. There are plenty of resources that teach basic Chinese words and phrases for visiting a place like China or Taiwan.

A Trip to the Chinese Medicinal Doctor

It’s bound to happen– over the course of the year you spend abroad, you will either get hurt or sick. A trip to the doctor overseas is different enough, but how about a traditional Chinese medicinal doctor?

Travel Through China Over Land

As I was trying to snap a few photos of our approach to the port in Qingdao from the upper deck of the ferry, an attendant frantically got my attention and handed me an arrival card. It was immediately obvious that her English was limited, but she had brought help.

Why Shanghai Should be First on your ESL List

I recommend Shanghai for other ESL teachers seeking adventure in a location that has a major city feel. And I want to thank Reach To Teach for being a huge part of this journey in getting me here. Here are just some reasons why I recommend ESL teachers to choose Shanghai as a teaching location in China.

Culture Shock – What Shocks You About China?

China is definitely high on the list of places where you will experience culture shock. Here are nine moments of culture shock I experienced in China when I first got here.

Haley Williams, Teaching English In Shanghai, China

Reach To Teach is back again with another teacher interview for our readers. This time we spoke to Haley Williams who is currently teaching young children in Shanghai, China with her boyfriend. She made the incredible leap from the vast expanses of Alaska to the big city life of Shanghai.