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The Art Of Slow Living In Taiwan

Transitioning to the slow rhythmic flow of Taiwan’s lifestyle was confusing after living for a year in the balli balli (hurry, hurry) mindset of Korea. A place where people eat a breakfast of street food while speed walking to their morning jobs, push through crowds to get to their destination first, and have no concept of queuing because it’s considered too slow.

Blog Carnival: 5 Benefits Of Slow Travel

So what is slow travel? It can come in a number of different forms but generally it means not trying to cram in the whole Thailand experience in just 2 weeks or getting the full Bali experience in just a month. Slow travel means staying in one place as an expat for a while, some people do this through teaching, volunteering or other avenues like being a scuba instructor. I have been a slow traveler for a while now and below are my 5 benefits of this culturally rich lifestyle I have dedicated myself to.

Peaceful Places in Asia

Asia is a big place. With lots of people. A staggering variety of culture. A massive amount going on. Big money. Heartbreaking poverty. It’s a bit overwhelming, honestly. Where does one to go to getaway, to breathe deeply, to seek peace where it may be found? Here are five peaceful places in Asia, just waiting to be discovered.

What in the World is WWOOFing?

I signed up for the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) program the day after I touched down in New Zealand, knowing the premise, but little else. Individuals and families open their homes to complete strangers, feeding and housing them in exchange for help around their property.