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Practical Guidelines for International ESL Job-Hunters

A former New York City management consultant turned legal nomad, Elaina Giolando writes about the intersection of career, life, and travel for today’s twenty-somethings. Here, Elaina offers practical guidelines for international ESL jobhunters.

Turning Teaching Abroad into a Career

Teaching abroad is an amazing opportunity, one that is filled with discovery, adventure, and an all round feel of accomplishment. Many people dedicate a year or two to teaching abroad and then they go home or move on. But what happens to teachers that want to make a career out of teaching abroad?

Interview With Maggie Attoe: An American Teacher in China

Introducing our latest interview from our Reach To Teach teacher Maggie Attoe. Maggie hails all the way from Wisconsin and is currently teaching English to young learners in China. Read on to hear more about her adventures in China, and what she feels are some of the positive and negative aspects of living there.

What Makes Teaching One of the Most Rewarding Careers

In the relentless pursuit of better academic performance, it’s possible to lose sight of the most important – the purpose of learning.