Past Employees

We have been fortunate to have a number of amazing individuals on the Reach To Teach team. Although these folks are no longer with us, we’d still love to give you a big shout-out for your hard work and general awesomeness. Thank you!

Gillian Benjamin - 2009-2013 - HR Coordinator and Director of Recruiting for South Korea

Stephen Jones - 2009-2011 - HR Coordinator for South Korea

Danielle 'Elle' McManus - 2009-2013 - HR Coordinator for Taiwan

AJ Ghiossi - 2010-2012- HR Coordinator for Taiwan

Ari Watman - 2010-2014- HR Coordinator for Taiwan

Lisa Mather - 2011-2012 - Social Coordinator for Taiwan

Joe Tvrdy - 2011-2012 - HR Coordinator for China

Philip Bowman - 2011-2012 - HR Coordinator for South Korea

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Australia: 2-8011-4516


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