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5 Best Taiwanese Foods For Hangovers

Back in college, a cup of ramen and a lemon-lime Gatorade was all I needed to survive the dreadful “Sunday Hangover,” which always showed up after a fun Saturday night. You beg forgiveness and offer your first born in exchange of the relief from the pounding in your head. In Taiwan, there’s no need to go to such extremes because the cure to your dilemma is right outside your door. That cure is food, delicious Taiwanese food. The food is so good it has magical healing powers. Just don’t quote me on that last promise.

Make Your Year in Korea Count Part 1

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the things life has thrown at me, it’s that people have their own reasons for making the choices they make. Moving to Korea as a foreign language teacher is no different; we’re all here for our own reasons, at varying stages in life, and with diverse intentions.

The Art Of Slow Living In Taiwan

Transitioning to the slow rhythmic flow of Taiwan’s lifestyle was confusing after living for a year in the balli balli (hurry, hurry) mindset of Korea. A place where people eat a breakfast of street food while speed walking to their morning jobs, push through crowds to get to their destination first, and have no concept of queuing because it’s considered too slow.

7 Fearless Female Travel Bloggers

Another marvelous day has come and gone in 2015. March 8th marked International Women’s Day, and its significance isn’t lost on us females who are exploring the world on solo journeys. In honor of the beautiful day and celebration, I’d like to present some of the top fearless female bloggers who are out making a name for themselves as solo travelers. These women to me represent courage, ambition, and fearlessness.

10 Tips For New Expats In Taiwan

After a while in your new country though, you start to realize little tips and tricks that make life easier. You know all the short cuts on the subway, and you can recognize a phony western food restaurant from a mile away. In Taiwan there are little truths to be had that all expats come across eventually.

Blog Carnival: Plan Your Journey Well

It has been three and a half years of a journey since you sat there that day on your bed looking over everything you were packing to head off on your way to Bali. As you sit there looking over your whole life in a bag for the next year, the buzz of excitement mixed with anticipation and a healthy dash of fear swimming around in your stomach, you never could have foreseen the ups, downs, twists and turns, and general direction your year abroad would take.

Chinese New Year In Taiwan

My first Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) in Taiwan has been exciting and confusing to say the least. From being gifted new exotic fruits by my landlord to being handed red envelopes at every bank I pop into, there’s a whirlwind of new customs and traditions I’m being exposed to daily.

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Teaching Abroad

Teaching abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. But it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to step back, take a look at the bigger picture, and make sure that you are getting the most out of your time abroad.