Category: Teachers Abroad

Interview With Kirsty Grace – Teaching in Shanghai, China

This week we bring you a teacher from the UK who decided to make the leap from working with children in London to teaching in Doha, Qatar and the hustle and bustle of teaching in Shanghai. Read on to find out some of the best tips to living and working in Shanghai, China.

10 Creative Activities For Desk Warming Season (Part 2)

Desk warming season can be a difficult time, here is the second part of Judith Villarreal’s 10 creative things to do during desk warming season.

Interview With Brett Cleveland: An American Teacher In Taipei

This week we interviewed our teacher Brett Cleveland, a teacher fresh into the ESL profession who tells us about his experiences teaching ESL in Taiwan.

10 Things To Do On A Budget In Singapore

Singapore has a reputation for being quite a pricy place to visit, but this isn’t always the case. Stephanie Long brings us this amazing article about 10 things to do on a budget in Singapore.

Why You Shouldn’t be Nervous About the EPIK Interview

If you are applying for the EPIK program you are probably terrified about how the EPIK interview will go. Here is some advice from Neysha Bauer, an EPIK teacher who has been through the process before!

10 Creative Activities To Do During Desk Warming Season (Part 1)

Last year was my first year in Korea, and my first year learning about the dreaded term “desk warming.” If you’ve not yet experienced desk warming season, then let this list be your guide during those awful bitter weeks when most expats tend to go a bit mad and lose their minds.

5 Reasons You Will Love Your Life Abroad

Living abroad is one of the most exhilarating and life changing experiences a person can have, and those of us who are lucky enough to have the experience can attest to the positive changes expats can go through while living in another country.

Interview With Stefanus Hanekom: A South African Teacher In China

Introducing our latest teacher interview. This week we interviewed Stefanus who took the plunge and made his first steps into a teaching career by moving all the way to China to begin a teaching position. Read on to see what experiences he has had as a first time teacher in China.