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Would you like to teach young Chinese students online from your home, using your computer and our online virtual classroom?


Become a Global Teacher

First Future known in China as “FeiBo Education Technology Co”, founded in 2012, is the pioneer of B2B cloud teaching platform in China.
Established to focus on providing resources for Teaching Institutions in China.

We supply all teaching material and technical support. Our students are of all levels and all ages: young children, college students and Adults. You set your availability and we match the students to your times and student age and level preferences.

Excerpt from a typical teacher’s testimonial …

The opportunity to interact, from the comfort of my home, with students an ocean away is both convenient and unique. First Future provides all the perks of working online in addition to scheduling flexibility. I’ve really enjoyed building relationships with my students and the staff. I love that the resources available to teach with are relevant and engaging. The virtual classroom environment is fantastic.

First Future provides online teachers to over 1,000 Chinese Schools

First Future has developed a state of the art Online English Teaching Environment for offline schools in china: the technology, exclusive curriculum and teacher training. We have the most experienced global team of any such education organization in China, and have over 1,000 schools as clients, and of those we have:


  • the largest in China
  • the 2nd largest in China
  • the 4th largest in China
  • the 5th largest in China


We also provide English classes to large corporations and the Chinese Government’s Department of Education (training their Chinese national English teachers in English conversation fluency).



We require native English speaking teachers:
No experience needed. Our expert team will train you in everything needed to master this job. You will need to be well-spoken with a good neutral native English accent, bright, talkative type who enjoys a good conversation and can communicate well with young children. The main prerequisite for this position is we require our teachers to enjoy their time teaching, and be animated and engaging with their students, while guiding them through the lesson material; communicating solely in English.

You choose the age and level of your Students:
The part time positions we have, are for teachers to teach customized online English classes with Chinese students of various ages, from young school children to mature professionals. We supply the virtual classroom and material, and arrange the connection scheduling. The general classes run for 25 or 45 minutes and the times are evenings and weekends (China time), and it’s up to you how many hours you can work and on what days.

Pay Rate and Employment:
The pay rate will be based upon experience and for the various levels of teaching. Our pay rates range from high level classes for specialist teacher to what we term an “online availability rate”, where the teacher needs to be online and available even though they don’t have booked classes. The teacher’s relationship with First Future is that of an independent contractor, and payments are made directly to you via an international money transfer like PayPal.


Section Example Our Online Classroom

The Cloud platform is not limited to simple video classrooms, but is the core for the online classroom participants. The student’s workroom includes the evaluation of classroom teaching, interactive learning space, after-school exercises and other interactive features online and offline.

We have developed an excellent Virtual Class environment, curriculum and delivery, which is customized to the various levels (age / learning)
We provide extra online learning facilities to supplement the live teaching component.


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