Emergency Numbers in Korea

Guide to South Korea

Emergency Numbers in Korea – Updated Dec 2021

Below are a list of emergency numbers in South Korea. We suggest that you save some of this numbers to your phone, in case you have an emergency and need to call quickly.

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Rescue (Fire & Ambulance) 119
Medical Emergency 119
Police 112

Korean Tourism Important Numbers


Domestic Area Codes

Cities Code
Incheon City (032)
Gyeongju City (054)
Gwangju City (062)
Busan City (051)
Seoul City (02)
Daegu City (053)
Daejeon City (042)
Ulsan (052)
Provinces Code
Jeju Island (064)
Jeolla (North) Province (063)
Jeolla (South) Province (061)
Chungcheong (North) Province (043)
Chungcheong (South) Province (041)
Gangwon Province (033)
Gyeonggi Province (031)
Gyeongsang (North) Province (054)
Gyeongsang (South) Province (055)

Expatriate Organizations

Foreigner’s Community Service 02-798-7529

Government Offices

Cheju 064-22-3494
Incheon 032-882-0544
Gimhae Airport 051-972-1610
Gimpo Airport 02-664-7614
Seoul 02-650-6239
Pusan 051-463-7161

Operator Assistance

Directory Assistance (local) 114
Directory Assistance (long distance) (city code) + 114
International Dialing Information 00794
International Operator 00799

Social/Cultural Groups

Interculture Korea 02-511-0440
International Cultural Exchange Association 02-201-2361
Royal Asiatic Society 02-763-9483
Assn. for Foreign Workers human Rights 051-802-3438
Korea-Australia Cultural Exchange Assn. 051-627-8866
KOTESOL 019-551-1246
Pusan Hash House Harriers 051-742-9600
Pusan International Woman’s Assn. 051-747-3594

Tour & Travel

Bus information (Seoul) 02-418-5000
Kimpo Airport flight information 02-660-2456
Tourist Complaint Center 02-735-0101
Tourist Information Centers
Jeju Island 064-38-0326
Gyeongju 0561-772-9289
Busan 051-973-1100
Seoul 02-757-0086
Daegu 053-429-3134
USO 02-7914-7003 (Seoul) 051-801-3000 (Busan)

Youth Hostels

Korea Youth Hostel Association 02-725-3031


Alcoholics Anonymous 02-319-5861
Weather Report 131
Time 116


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