Internet in South Korea

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Internet in South Korea

South Korea has one of the highest rates of internet usage in the world. Due to strong government support it also has one of the highest rates of broadband connectivity, with most households being able to choose ISDN, ADSL, cable, or satellite in addition to traditional dial-up modems for connectivity.

The Korean top-level domain is .kr and major sub-domains include .co (company), .or (organization), .go (government), and .ac (academic). Many companies also use the main top-level domains (.com, .net, and .org). These days many companies are also using Korean language domain names (written in Hangeul).

Broadband Services – Internet in South Korea

Broadband companies offer fast Internet access to homes and businesses through leased lines, cable modems, xDSL and satellite. Because of competition prices can change quickly. Companies periodically offer special rates when adding a new service to a neighborhood.

When you arrive in South Korea most likely your apartment will be furnished and internet ready. Your landlord will then tell you how much the current internet service is and how the payment system works. However, if you do need to set up your own internet or would like to change to a better service, we recommend the following broadband companies:

Company Name URL Phone
Korea Telecom 080-2580-201
Hanaro 080-828-2106
Thrunet 080-1588-3488
Dreamline 080-2186-7000

Dial-up Services – Internet in South Korea

Although broadband Internet services are available, some people may still need dial-up access to the Internet. In additional to KT, several other ISPs offer dial-up access over regular phone lines. Several have special dial-up access numbers with discounted rates.

E-mail and Internet Service Providers – Internet in South Korea

Company Name URL Telephone Roaming Service?
Unitel yes
Chollian (DACOM) yes
Hanaro Telecom 106 (free call) yes
Kornet (Korea Telecom) no
Sshark (ONSE Telecom) 080-1688-2000 yes
Nextel 02-536-9900 no
Dreamline 080-1566-1212 no