Internet in Thailand

Internet in ThailandInternet in Thailand

Internet access is widely available in Thailand, especially in the cities. Fast DSL connections are fairly easy to obtain. If you will be living in a very rural area, though, you may have to settle for slower, dial-up access.

In many places, 56k modems are still in use. You can purchase dial-up internet access packs from convenience stores such as 7-11. However, most teachers opt for faster DSL connections. These internet packages start at around 600 baht ($20USD) per month for the slowest connections, and can go up to 2,000 baht ($70) per month for faster connections. Keep in mind that if you are living in a shared apartment, this cost will be split among 2-4 people.

Wireless Access

In major cities around Thailand, Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere. Cafes, pubs, and restaurants often offer free wireless connections, making it easy to keep connected wherever you are.