Transportation in Thailand

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Transportation in Thailand

Transportation in Thailand is very affordable. Inexpensive busses, taxis and trains make it easy to get around within Thailand’s cities and to travel between different parts of the country. Daily commuting costs for most people are only $1.00-$2.00USD per day.

Taxis in Thailand

If you are traveling in a city, then taking a taxi can be a convenient and inexpensive way to get around. Much cheaper than in the west, most taxis in Thailand run on meters now. It’s still a good idea to check to see if the taxi has a running meter before you get in.

Taxi fares start around $1.00. A taxi ride of 20km should only cost around $5.00.

Tuk tuks and motorbike taxis are also available. They cost less than typical taxis, but are considerably less safe. If you do decide to use either of these means of transportation, make sure that you negotiate a price in advance.

Trains in Thailand

Thailand’s railways provide reliable and fast service throughout the country, and are the most popular way to travel around Thailand. Most routes have first, second, and third class options. While third class is certainly the least expensive, it can be quite uncomfortable. Unless you are traveling a very short distance, it’s worth it to upgrade to second class.

Second class tickets make a big difference in comfort, while still being affordable. For example, a second class train ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in the north costs as little as $20.

Busses in Thailand

For travel within cities, and short-distance travel between towns and cities, busses are the most popular, affordable, and convenient way to get around. Tourist busses can provide a comfortable, air-conditioned means of traveling long distances. Although slightly more expensive, the added comfort makes it worth it for a long trip.

Air Travel in Thailand

With six international airports, and 23 domestic ones, air travel is a popular way to get around.

Suvarnabhumi  International Airport in Bangkok is the travel hub, but international flights come and go to Chiang Mai in the north and Phuket in the south, as well as other major airports throughout the country.

As for domestic flights, competition between the five different domestic carriers that now operate in Thailand keeps prices reasonable. Although domestic air travel is still considerably more expensive than trains or busses, it provides you with a quick and easy way to get around Thailand.

Bangkok Metro and Sky Train

Thailand’s first Metro line opened in Bangkok in 2004. Modern trains run services to several neighborhoods in the city.  Single fares range from 16 to 41 baht ($0.20 to $1.30).

The metro also links up to Bangkok’s Sky Train, an elevated mass transit system with 32 stations throughout the city.

Plans exist to expand Bangkok’s public transportation systems, adding new metro lines throughout the urban area.

Useful Numbers

      • Suvarnabhumi International Airport :      +66 (0)2 132-1888
      • Airport Taxi :                                                    +66 (0)2 973-3191
      • Thai Airways :                                                  1566
      • Railway Call Center :                                      1690
      • Bangkok Taxi Call Centers :                        1681, 1661,   +66 (0)2 880-0888


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