Weather in Hong Kong

The weather in China - ESL AbroadHong Kong is located between the Tropic of Cancer and the north 35th parallel, meaning that the climate zone is subtropical. The weather in Hong Kong is fairly humid year-round.

Hong Kong experiences four distinct seasons: autumn, winter, spring, and summer. Between late September and end of November, Hong Kong experiences the autumn season with cool average temperatures of 72°F and 81°F and bountiful sunshine; this is the ideal time to travel.

Hong Kong’s winter season occurs from December to February with cool temperatures averaging 57°F to 67°F along with dry conditions.

The spring season spans from March to mid-May with warm and humid average temperatures from 64°F to 77°F. A major concern for spring is reduced visibility due to fog and drizzle, which can create delays in air and water transportation.

Summer runs from late May to mid-September, producing hot and humid average high temperatures above 90°F. Summer tends to be the rainy with thunderstorms and typhoons.

The most disastrous weather pattern for Hong Kong is a typhoon, tropical cyclone or hurricane. The tropical cyclone and thunderstorm season ranges from May through November, with typhoons being prominent during the month of September. A typical tropical cyclone or typhoon brings high winds and heavy rainfall to the country. In order to maintain safety, the Hong Kong Observatory uses a Typhoon Warning Signal System to determine the level of threat. The signal numbers are 1, 3, 8, 9, and 10.

The other side of Hong Kong Island

Signal number 1 means a cyclone is located within 500 miles of Hong Kong and may affect the territory. When the warning level is 3 or less, businesses remain open, but individuals should stay alert to fast changing weather conditions.

Signal number 8 means a gale or storm force winds in Hong Kong near sea level with sustained wind speed of 39 to 73 mph and wind conditions will persist.

Once a signal has reached a number 10, hurricane force winds are expected to reach above 73 mph and potentially gust above 136 mph.

When warnings reach a level 8 or higher, all businesses shut down. Employers do not require their employees to report to work unless it has been previously agreed upon. Once warnings have reached 9 or 10, only essential employees are to report for work.

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