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Reach To Teach Teach Abroad Programs

We recruit year round for these programs.

Apply to Teach in China

Teach in China

We recruit year-round for teaching positions in China.

We have positions for teachers that are interested in teaching young learners through adults in locations all over China. In 2017, schools have become much more competitive with their salary packages.

You can expect to earn 10,oooRMB and more with a teaching position in China.

Apply To Teach in South Korea

Teach in South Korea

We recruit year round for private school positions in South Korea.

EPIK, SMOE, and GEPIK teaching positions have two intakes per year starting in August and February.

These programs are the most widely recognized government teaching programs in Asia. If you are looking for a top-notch teaching qualification for your teaching CV, these are the programs to apply to! Reach To Teach has worked with EPIK, SMOE and GEPIK since 2009.

We are veterans in the field of placing teachers with EPIK and we’ll guide you through the mountain of paperwork and your departure for an incredible year abroad.

Apply To Teach in Taiwan

Teach in Taiwan

Our busiest months for recruitment in Taiwan are January and February and in June through August.

We have a few positions each month throughout the rest of the year. We have positions for teachers that are interested in teaching young learners.

In 2017, Reach To Teach is working with a number of public schools in Taipei and we have some very attractive packages for teachers that are certified to teach in their home country.

EPIK Teachers - Reach To Teach

We recruit for these programs seasonally.

Teach in Abu Dhabi

We accept applications in March and April for positions starting in August each year. Please keep an eye on our Job Board for positions starting in Abu Dhabi. If you do not see positions listed there, this means we have nothing available right now, but please do keep checking back as we update our Job Board daily.

Teach in Hong Kong

We update our Job Board daily as positions come in. Typically, the best time to look for positions in Hong Kong is from May through August.

Teach in Singapore

If you do not see Singapore on our Job Board, this means we do not have any open positions in Singapore at this time. Keep an eye on our Job Board. We update it daily.

Teach in Vietnam

We only recruit between the months of May and July each year for positions starting in July and August. Our partner schools generally aim for a July 20th start date each year.


We may have opportunities coming up in these countries in 2017. Please keep an eye on our Job Board. We update it daily.

Teach in Chile

Teach in Georgia

Teach in Malaysia

Teach in Thailand

Teach in Russia

Teach in the UAE 


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Teacher Testimonials

Joshua R - 2016 - A South African in Taiwan
Joshua R.

Reach To Teach made this process so easy and kept me well informed. I was always informed but never ‘swamped’ with e-mails. Quite simply, I am really impressed by the professionalism of this organisation. From its great website to the positi...

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Teacher Testimonials

Derrick Black - 2015 - Teaching with EPIK in Gyeongbuk Province
Teaching with EPIK

Thank you. Thank you. 감사합니다 for this opportunity again, whether I muster up enough juice to make it three years, or depart after this one is complete. It has been an invaluable experience of ups and downs, with the classroom being a h...

NIIED - National Institute for International Education
EPIK - English Program in Korea

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